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“Visitors are amazed when I say that Sigmaringen is Germany’s most important castle,” the guide says with a smile. “But this castle belonged to, and still belongs to, the Hohenzollern dynasty that played a vital role in German history.” Towering on a steep limes­tone cliff, high above the Danube River, the family’s ancestral seat is 90 minutes south of Stuttgart and only an hour from Lake Constance in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. And it provides a fascinating stop when touring southern Germany.

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Surprise Mom and Dad with a trip back in time!!!

The German Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, perfect time for a little day trip. Gondwana, das Praehistorium is offering an amazing deal to celebrate those special holidays with your favorite dinosaur specialist. On Thursday May 10th, German Father’s Day, the entrance fee for dad is free if a child (over 4 years of age) accompanies them to Gondwana, and on May 13th Mother’s Day, the entrance fee for mom is free if a child (over 4 years of age) is accompanying them

Tips and tricks to live through the big move overseas

Living in Europe, traveling, seeing the old world…these are usually the visions families have when getting the news of a new duty station overseas. But then reality hits and there it is, the pile of “what to do next” and “how to do that”. Thankfully the internet has made things much easier and google can be a close friend during this time of need. While your move and tickets and or hotel may be all paid for by the government, try putting some extra cash aside in the months before the move, you may encounter some unexpected costs. If you end up not needing the back up money, treat yourself to your first European trip with it.

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