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The 5th season in Germany

You may have noticed that stores are setting up party items, costumes and streamers. No, Germany is not having a blow out on Halloween costumes, but is preparing the high season of Karneval, Fasching or as Americans may know it, Mardi Grass. You probably didn’t even know that the so called 5th season started all the way back in November, on the 11th of November to be exact, right at 11:11 am. Clubs and avid partiers have since been meeting, planning and working on the highlights of the season. Unless you are member of a Karneval club, you normally don’t sit in through meetings and the important voting of the local Fasching royalty. A Prince pair is elected each year to lead the campaign. They get to attend all the events and parties and dress up in fancy dresses.

“Zum Brückle” a nice Restaurant near Kelley Barracks

For someone like me who has lived in the Stuttgart area for over 20 years it is possible to miss out on some great local restaurants.

Last Sunday, my family and I visited a restaurant that we’ve always known about, driven passed, but never stopped to have a meal. Big mistake! The “Zum Brückle” is one of those overlooked treasures located on a side street in the town of Stuttgart Plieningen, near Kelley Barracks.

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Not only jumping jacks at the SPRUNGBUDE!

The people that know me would probably all agree that I am not a work out kind of girl… so let’s just say I was more than surprised when I was told to check out a fitness place… oh dear, poor me. So, off I went to see what the big hype was about.

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