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Halloween at the Wilhelma

Creepy, haunted hour with spooky spirits

hen giant spiders build their nets, pale skeletons hide behind bushes, then it is time for the creepiest day at the Wilhelma. Witches, vampires and ghosts are taking over leadership at the zoological- botanical garden in Stuttgart on October 31st. it is their mission to spread a spooky good time in the historic garden.

A young buck out looking for love

Dull, rumbling calls are carried over the exhibition farm at the Wilhelma. Through trees and branches, spotted fur and impressive antlers are visible. The new arrival at the Persian fallow deer is making for a magnificent sight. The newcomer has loudly proclaimed the start of the mating season, even though the buck from the Berlin zoo, arrived just a few days ago. He is supposed to ensure that there will be new generations in the future, for this rare Asian deer.

9/11 in Stuttgart

Explosions, gun fire, the cries from injured people at the train station in Stuttgart. Police, Fire department and ambulances with lights and sirens blaring, racing towards the main train station. If you encounter that in Stuttgart tomorrow evening – don’t be alarmed. No terrorist thought of picking this memorable date for an attack.

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When Grandma had to fix it

Frankfurt Bonobo baby is finding a family at the Wilhelma. When Grandma had to fix it. Hopes are that the reunion with his grannie Kombote will be the fix for the little Bonobo from Frankfurt. Xhosa will receive his second chance to grow up with his kind in the zoologic-botanical garden Stuttgart. The first steps have been so promising that he is not viewable for visitors too.

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