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Trifels Castle

The picturesque village of Annweiler in the state Rheinland Palatine is home to a stunning reconstructed castle, Trifels.  The castle is sitting at an elevation of 500 meters (1600ft), on the peak of the typical sandstone mountain, Sonnenberg. The Sonnenberg mountain has 2 lower peaks, both home to castle ruins, the Anebos castle and the Scharfenberg castle. Castle Trifels was the favorite of emperor Barbarossa.

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“Visitors are amazed when I say that Sigmaringen is Germany’s most important castle,” the guide says with a smile. “But this castle belonged to, and still belongs to, the Hohenzollern dynasty that played a vital role in German history.” Towering on a steep limes­tone cliff, high above the Danube River, the family’s ancestral seat is 90 minutes south of Stuttgart and only an hour from Lake Constance in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. And it provides a fascinating stop when touring southern Germany.

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Bad Wimpfen and Burg Guttenberg - A lovely day trip

Bad Wimpfen and Burg Guttenberg are located in the beautiful Neckar Plain about an hour by car from Stuttgart or 1,5 hours from Kaiserslautern. Take the first exit on the highway A6 going towards Mannheim, the exit Neckarsulm and then head toward Mosbach. But beware – there are 4 stationary radar traps on this stretch of about  10 miles. Bad Wimpfen and the knights castle Burg Guttenberg were spared damage during World War II, so many old historical buildings are left intact. It is a wonderful, hidden sightseeing spot. Bad Wimpfen has been called the most beautiful riverside city in Germany. Bad Wimpfen’s most famous landmark is the blue tower. This tower is the defense tower of the castle built in the 12th century where the guards have lived for 650 years. The tower is a great place to get a magnificent view of the old town and Neckar Valley.

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Stuttgart - History and interesting facts

For all of you who are new to Stuttgart, or not just new to Stuttgart, but new to Germany – Welcome, to Germany and to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is not only my hometown, but, with over 620,000 residents, the largest city in the state of Baden-Wuertemberg. It is also the B-W capital and the sixth largest city in Germany. Stuttgart is also the center of the “Stuttgart region” which includes the cities of Boeblingen, Esslingen and Ludwigsburg.

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