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St Martin’s Day

By the time November hits in Germany, the days tend to be dreary, rainy and chilly. It gets darker earlier and takes forever to get light in the morning.

Along with November come some fun traditions, especially if you have little ones. You may have noticed the lanterns for sale at the stores. Children celebrate St Martin’s Day in Kindergarten and school by hosting lantern parades. While the holiday is mentioned in our other article, I thought it was a great idea to go into detail here.

The undead in Germany

Today, we know zombies are a thing of imagination, seen only on TV shows and in movies. Really, the only ones scared of them these days are probably little kids. However, for our ancestors here in Germany, that fear was a very real one.

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Just PCS’ed to Stuttgart?

Moved into your new home off base or curious about life in Germany? Struggling with daily life? Feeling overwhelmed? Having lots of questions and not knowing where to find the answers because they seem too trivial or too personal?

KIRAMIGA is the place to turn to with any questions and issues you might have.

We met with KIRAMIGA and asked them what their service is all about.

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