My name is Patrick Chaparro. I grew up in Fellbach near Stuttgart and am therefore very connected to the region.

I also witnessed the beginnings of Together magazine, was involved in all the first ideas and discussions, designed the first issue and was involved in a few other issues afterwards. Perhaps you also remember my survey among you about my bachelor thesis?

Through this collaboration I got to know many new and nice people who helped and supported us. Unfortunately, I had to quit for professional reasons, but I have always followed the development of the magazine and have always been in close contact with my good friend Uwe Warnack, the founder of Together Magazine.

As a result, my heart continued to hang on the magazine and I had to watch with horror that Corona threatened to kill it too. After consulting with Uwe Warnack, who will continue to be available to help and advise, I will now take over the Together Magazine. The whole team in the background and I, will continue the idea and publish articles again on the website and on Facebook. Due to the still uncertain times, we will have to do without a print version in the future.

Believe me, we will slowly start again now, but we will pick up speed as soon as possible and provide you with information, reports and stories on a regular basis. Please give us some time until we are up again. Together Magazine is not dying!