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Hotel "Bell Rock" at the Europa Park

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Entering the parking area of the New England style hotel “Bell Rock” at the Europa Park was like entering a different era, especially once we parked and walked around the impressive exterior of the building.

We arrived at the hotel lobby, furnished with comfortable arm chairs, and glanced up the rustic interior staircase leading you to the other floors; right behind those we located the hotel bar “Spirit of St. Louis.”

Since we still had to check in, we headed to the reception on our right where time era, appropriately dressed staff welcomed us warmly. We were handed our room key, a chip card that also enabled access to the pool area and the saunas, more about those later in the article.

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The hotel in the center of Schaffhausen can be reached quickly, possibly without having to pay a toll fee. We drove directly into the underground parking garage leading straight to the reception. Not surprisingly, parking is an additional charge, as the hotel shares the huge garage with shops and for guests of the train station.

The elevator takes us upstairs and we go to the reception. We are already attracted to how modern and stylish the atmosphere is. The motto here is "Open and Bright." We were welcomed warmly with all of our questions answered. The receptionist even went above and beyond by doing research to give us the best possible information they could find. Foreign languages were, as we noticed with other guests, in no way a problem.


We entered our rooms (two identical double rooms each) and were equally enthusiastic. The rooms are large enough, and besides an open bathroom, the next highlight is the window sill to relax and chill - giving you time to switch off. From the basin, we can look over the sleeping area and also have the flat-screen TV in view. There are enough closets, a safe, a mini bar, a tea and coffee making station, as well as a desk, a sitting area and a bottle of water for free.

If you are thinking about the open bath, do not worry. The toilet is, of course, separate and the shower blends harmoniously between the bath and sleeping area. The shower is quite generous, lots of space and at ground level.


Hidden in the basement after the elevators, past the reception, is the spa area, which does actually not directly belong to the hotel. The Asia Spa is designed as a day spa and offers a modern fitness room, three saunas, a Hamman, a hot relaxation pool, a grotto pool, relaxation rooms, free tea and water, as well as a separate ladies' area with a sauna and steam bath.  Since the spa is an independent business and not owned directly by the hotel, there is an entry charge. Speak with reception for a discounted admission rate for hotel guests. 

After leaving the changing rooms you face a long, modern corridor with water courses and indirect lighting. High-quality materials underline the luxurious ambience. This is also where you will find the foot basins.

In order for everyone to feel comfortable, there is the grotto bath and the resting space only permitted in swimwear. The rear area is then exclusively reserved for nudist friends and accommodates the hot pool and the saunas (infusion / hot / herbs) as well as resting places and the resting room.

Who still misses a steam bath? The women are then lucky, because there is a steam bath in the ladies’ area. Men have to fall back on the Hamman but this costs extra. But here, too, we have to say that the little extra is worth it, especially since we still get a filled bag with the appropriate utensils. In two steam rooms, we can here hold our own Hamman ritual.

We have stayed a good three hours here and felt very comfortable, only an outside area would have been beautiful for in between.


To end the day, we are off to the bar. Along with the normal barstools and tables is a chill corner with sofas, which we preferred to sit in. In keeping with Swiss tradition, the drinks were quite expensive.

Name: Hotel arcona LIVING
Adress: Bleicheplatz 1
CH-8201 Schaffhausen
Class: Luxury ****
Rooms: 47 Single
65 Double
6 Suites
13 Apartments
Phone: +41 52 63100-00


After a very good night on good mattresses, we go to the breakfast room which is nicely lit and, overall, also seems very friendly. The selection is sumptuous - with salmon, fresh ingredients, an assortment of bread rolls and also a show kitchen, which made the most delicious eggs around! With other sweet rolls, spreads, sausage and cheese in different variations, breakfast leaves little to be desired. The coffee is available for self-service at the coffee machine. Tidy and freshly refilled, it works very fast and also here the staff is very friendly.


The staff is just as friendly on departure as it was on arrival. We were asked how our trip was and were wished safe travels home. This is the good life!


Unfortunately, we only had one night at this lovely hotel. We would have loved to stay longer. The location makes the hotel definitely recommendable! And the rooms are more than a bargain!


From the hotel, go straight over to the bus station and from there take a few minutes to visit the Rhine fall. The Rhine fall is impressive to watch and can be explored on various boat trips!

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TONBACHSTRASSE 243, D-72270 BAIERSBRONNIn the middle of the Black Forest, peace and tranquility prevail. Surrounded by a quiet and calm nature where the view from the restaurant is almost as beautiful as the panoramic view from the tree house sauna. You'll find nothing but beauty here. A romantic candlelight dinner in the hotel's vaulted cellar, next to the monk's room, could be the crowning highlight of a relaxing and recharging vacation at Hotel Tanne.

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Mawell Resort

An extremely classy resort. Thanks to the open design and the integration of the hotel to the nature, guests experience another world! The slogan "It Starts Here" allows you to suddenly forget your everyday life, and the forest-infinity pool gives you the opportunity to relax completely.


Approximately 60 miles from Stuttgart, you find Germany´s most beautiful infinity pool. If you plan to visit the Landesgartenschau in Öhringen, why don´t you come here afterwards for a nice relaxing stay.

Already leaving the highway, you will slowly start to relax. The remaining drive takes you through small villages, valleys, meadows and woodlands. Finally, you will reach Langenburg, the smallest town in Baden-Württemberg. A short time later you will arrive at the Mawell ResortR16;s parking lot and breathe in the fresh country air.

Above the entrance is to be read "It starts here", we are up for it, and entered the building. Here already a member of staff is available to take your luggage to the front desk with a golf cart. Should nobody be present, you can, if required, contact the reception for someone to pick up your luggage.

The approximately 100m long entrance area eventually leads you directly to the reception. The room is large, open and bright. Located behind the front desk, you find the large spa area which extends over three floors. Although the reception is integrated in the spa area, the areas are well separated from each other.

The staff is very friendly, will explain the different floors to you, meal times and take you to the room.

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We visited for you the Achalm Hotel in Reutlingen

The Achalm Hotel in Reutlingen

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Not only with its Infinitypool with its glass edge, the exceptional food or the obliging service, the Achalm.Hotel was able to satisfy. Furthermore, the rooms of the Achalm.Hotel have their unique charm, straight design meets modern spirit and wood. Foresight inclusive.


We almost could not believe that a hotel finally appeared in front of us after this long and curvy drive. On top of that, it was a 4 Star Superior hotel incl. wellness.

We parked our cars in the garage and took the lift instead of the staircase to the reception area.
Arriving upstairs, we were welcomed by the friendly staff who handed us the keys to our booked rooms. Greeting, promptness, kindness. Just as you would expect it in a 4 Star Superior hotel.
We left the reception floor where the bar and breakfast area also were located and took the lift to the 2nd fl0or.

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