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A very special anniversary

This year Stuttgart’s beloved jeweler Ruth Sellack is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of opening her store front in the Eberhardstrasse in Stuttgart. While it was just a short move distance-wise, the team was finally able to establish themselves in a place that was designed to fit their needs. They got a workspace and sales floor with lots of light as well as great views and contemporary style to showcase the work and artisanship that Ruth puts into all her pieces. It matches both her work methods and her interaction with customers and jewelry enthusiasts, as she is known to always be on the lookout for new inspiration and shapes.

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Souvenirs, souvenirs, souvenirs!

As many of you are going through the PCS madness, I know- just about now, you are writing a mental list of last minute shopping trips of things to bring back to the states. Your parents want something from Germany, Auntie Maggie made sure to remind you on your last phone conversation, how much your uncle loves German food…. The family is breathing down your neck for those European goodies.

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Take the 19% VAT right off in the Schwabengarten – the biggest Beergarden in the Stuttgart area.

We‘ve created this card in hopes of saving you money, so please read below to find out how it works. The Together Card is a prepaid dining card that is given out by restaurants that work together with our magazine. This card is only given out to Americans living in Germany on official military or government orders and their affiliates—as it can only be filled up in conjunction with a VAT form! The Together Card has our logo on one side and the restaurant’s logo on the other.

For example, here you can see the Schwabengarten‘s Together Card:

The Schwabengarten, located in 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, is one of the first, of hopefully many, restaurants to join us! This card offers you the possibility of eating your meals at the Schwabengarten tax free. Just bring your VAT form with you and ask for the Together Card at the register. Here you can fill up your card with varying amounts (100 € / 150 € / 200 € / 250 € / 300 € / etc.). Therefore you can use your credit card (Visa and MasterCard).What this means is that all future snacks, meals and drinks at the Schwabengarten will be tax free when purchased with your Together Card. Even if you‘re just buying your kids an ice cream, or you are stopping in for the occasional weekend beer; why not get every-thing 19% of!

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