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Your furry best friend during the PCS

One thing that is forgotten about too often during the PCS madness are the pets. Beloved companions that have been living in the home for years without any issue, suddenly become major issues, because of breeds, time of PCS or the realization that it may be quite costly to ship them to the new duty station.

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Painless walkthrough with the Landlord

As every year, the summer months are the main time for PCSes. And while the permanent change of duty station is nerve wrecking enough, the dreadful turning over the keys on moving day is often completely overwhelming.

We have all heard the horror stories, the big fights over the return of the deposit or the ridiculously high utility bills. On top of that, time is running out, and there isn’t really any way to go out and meet with housing or lawyers.

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Better safe than sorry

Germans love their insurance, and insurance is offered for virtually everything. While most policies or plans don’t really make sense for Americans that are temporarily stationed here, others really do. Time has shown over and over that, especially during PCS times when stress levels are already through the roof, insurances have saved the day more than once.

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Sweaty Windows

Would you believe it if I told you that German windows sweat?

Most likely not, and they really don’t…but, when the cold season starts, you may notice water collecting on the windows inside your home. This condensation can ruin wooden windows, cause mold stains on the silicone seals and even cause mold to grow in your rooms. I will help you out by sharing some easy solutions to prevent that from happening.

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