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Staying cool in your German home

Why don’t German homes have air conditioners?” is one of the questions that come up every year. By the time May or June hits with the first hot days, Americans are flabbergasted. How do Germans survive the summer without the wonders of AC? 

There are many reasons why air conditioners are rare in German homes. I guess, the biggest reason is that it is very expensive to have them installed after the house was built. Its easier to calculate in central heat/AC if you are planning and building your home, versus having to add it later on. Also, ACs do use a lot of electricity, so again a matter of cost. The maybe funniest reason is the dreaded draft. A cold draft, in Germany, is still considered a threat to your health. Responsible for everything from a cold to joint pains, especially the older population worries about getting cool drafts, even on hot days. 

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Safety reminder, pick-pockets!

Summer is traveling season, and no matter if you travel within the country or all over Europe, thieves are everywhere. Especially the large European capitals are hot spots to rip off tourists.  

Germany is the most populated country in Europe, so crowds are to be expected. With crowds, come the pick-pockets. People often assume themselves too safe here, because, compared to other countries, Germany has a relatively low crime rate. But, theft is still one of the most common crimes here. 

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Your furry best friend during the PCS

One thing that is forgotten about too often during the PCS madness are the pets. Beloved companions that have been living in the home for years without any issue, suddenly become major issues, because of breeds, time of PCS or the realization that it may be quite costly to ship them to the new duty station.

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