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9/11 in Stuttgart

Explosions, gun fire, the cries from injured people at the train station in Stuttgart. Police, Fire department and ambulances with lights and sirens blaring, racing towards the main train station. If you encounter that in Stuttgart tomorrow evening – don’t be alarmed. No terrorist thought of picking this memorable date for an attack.

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“German for beginners” …. or, funny German proverbs

Germany has quite an obsession for its little sayings, phrases and proverbs. You may be learning German already or have a basic knowledge of the language, but all the sudden you are complete at loss in a conversation, because your conversation partner starts talking about an elephant in a porcelain store or a gifted horse… like what in the hell???

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You know you’ve been in Germany too long if… The Together Magazine version

The green Ampelmann – Green man on the pedestrian light

-you wait, alongside hundreds of other people, until a traffic light turns green, even if there’s no car in sight. You wait patiently to cross the street when the little man is red, because you are afraid that some old lady might start scolding if you don't.

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Village Festivals

During the warm summer months and especially during summer break, Germans have festivals and celebrations all over. Particularly popular are village or town celebrations.  The festivals are usually hosted by the city, while in smaller communities, clubs and villages get together to host a fest. Even kindergartens or schools host celebrations, usually for attending families or potential new students. Vineyards run culinary hikes or festivals, often in conjunction with restaurants. And who could forget the beer and wine fests towards the end of the summer.

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German Gemuetlichkeit meets alcohol

To this day Germany has one of the highest alcohol consumption worldwide, beat by only a few other countries. But drinking here, is very different to what you may be accustomed to from back home in the States. In this piece we will talk about the differences of drinking, alcohol laws and the issues each of the 2 countries tackle when it comes to drinking.

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