Creepy, haunted hour with spooky spirits

hen giant spiders build their nets, pale skeletons hide behind bushes, then it is time for the creepiest day at the Wilhelma. Witches, vampires and ghosts are taking over leadership at the zoological- botanical garden in Stuttgart on October 31st. it is their mission to spread a spooky good time in the historic garden.

The diverse program starts up at 11 am at the greenhouses, animal enclosures and park alleys. Carnivorous plant plants come to life in the winter garden, while you can get touchy feely with creepy crawlers like centipedes and spiders in the insect house.  The amazon house is going to be seized by pirates, nightmarish clowns will be waiting at the great ape’s house and the redwood forest is in witches’ hands. Witches in training can practice their broom flying skills and build sweet witch houses there. Face painting and pumpkin carving for the young Wilhelma visitors are part of the program too on this special day.

Fearless souls can also take advantage of the opportunity and score a photoshoot with Count Dracula or the Grimm Reaper. The legendary waterlily pond houses the Wilhelma mermaid, that longingly waiting on visitors to charm. The Moorish country house is home of the zombie hunters, they are looking for new hunters to teach the use of blowpipes. And the visitors that are sure they are of clear mind can have themselves certified at the Sanatorium of the Wilhelma school – Enter at your won risk! Even the animals will be surprised on Halloween. During public feedings, elephants, meerkats and coati will face dreadful jack o’lanterns. The highlight of the evening will be the large parade, with ghosts and creepy creatures accompanied by torch light leaving the Wilhelma at the end.

Just like the past two years, Wilhelma visitors are encouraged to show up dressed up on October 31st. Children under 18 years of age that come in costumes receive free admissions to the zoo after all. For all others normal prices apply. Entrance is open until 6pm, the park closes at 8pm after dusk.

A detailed program is visible on under „Angebote und Veranstaltungen“.