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Johannes Guggenberger

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Johannes Guggenberger is a trained chef born in Styria/Austria who moved to Stuttgart/Germany more than 30 years ago. His parents had a restaurant
in Austria, so he was raised on the Austrian cuisine.

When he came to Stuttgart, he did not know much about the regional Swabian cuisine. The more he learnt about it, the more he valued it and fell in love with it. Johannes Guggenberger is the chef of the canteen of the prison in Stuttgart-Stammheim. In order to express his passion for the classics of the Swabian cuisine, he established the blog "Stuttgartcooking" to share his collection of recipes.

On top of that, he recently released his cookbook "Stuttgartcooking - Leckeres aus dem Ländle". For more information visit

Title Published Date Category Hits Rating
Black Forest cake 12.11.2017 Recipes 3020 0% (0 Votes)
Homemade onion cake 10.10.2017 Recipes 2639 0% (0 Votes)
Spicy ground beef cheese balls with bell pepper sauce and baked potatoes 24.09.2017 Recipes 1898 0% (0 Votes)
Pasta bundles from the oven 11.07.2017 Recipes 1939 0% (0 Votes)
Maultaschen with glazed onions and potato salad 06.02.2017 Recipes 4349 0% (0 Votes)
Christmas menu (for 4 persons) 03.12.2016 Recipes 2519 100% (1 Vote)
Baby Back Ribs with a Mediterranean potato salad 07.09.2016 Recipes 2135 100% (1 Vote)
Käse-Spätzle (Swabian noodles with cheese) 07.09.2016 Recipes 2823 100% (1 Vote)
Beef roulades with mashed potatoes and red cabbage 22.06.2016 Recipes 2289 0% (0 Votes)
Cheese-Spinach-Dumplings with white mushrooms in cream 28.04.2016 Recipes 2287 100% (2 Votes)
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