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Uwe Warnack

Welcome to the Together Magazine

My name is Uwe W. Warnack, I am 55 years old and Americans are part of my family and friends. Starting with an idea and after many conversations, the "Together Magazine" and its online portal were established.

What is the "Together Magazine"? Who can benefit from it? The "Together Magazine" and its online portal are released for Americans living in Germany, for members of the military and their families. The "Together Magazine" is supposed to make life in Germany a lot easier.

We only allow companies to advertise who accept the VAT form, credit card payments and who have English speaking staff.

In one of our next issues, we will include a questionnaire, in order to find out what you, our readers, are interested in. Is it one of the famous German beer fests in Munich or Stuttgart, or would you like to get any shopping advice for your region? Or maybe some advice for restaurants, bars and pubs such as a beer garden where you can top up your loyalty card and save the German VAT by showing your VAT form? Or are you interested in something completely different; the German highways and police? Please sent us emails with your requests and ideas. On the following pages, we will introduce our German-American team. Enjoy!

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