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Ticks in Germany

Ticks are widely spread all over Europe and especially Germany. Ticks themselves are not dangerous, yes, they bite… but the bite itself isn’t any worse then a mosquito bite. What makes the ticks so dangerous is that they carry diseases and pass them on to their host.

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Star Wars has touched down in Stuttgart!!

After a grueling flight across the galaxy, passing rebel bases and a quick pit stop on Tatooine the long-awaited X-Wing and the infamous TIE fighter have finally landed in the Messe area in Stuttgart. When the pilots deboarded, they came across a group of Ghostbusters and then met up with the Power Rangers to head off for a quick lunch.

All the while, out back Chuck Norris is having an interesting discussion about White Walkers with Jamie Lannister and Euron Greyjoy. Jemma Simmons from S.H.I.E.L.D.  is working her charm to recruit Colossus, a proper X-Men to her team….

The Landlord dilemma

One of the biggest issues and fears when people get over here to Germany has to be ending up with a nightmare Landlord. As an admin for a “Landlord troubles group” on Facebook, I see the complaints and horror stories on a daily basis. While there are always two sides to a story, a lot of the issues would have been preventable if the renters would have been informed about their rights and duties ahead of time.

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Squirrel monkeys in the Wilhelma - triple babies on the sub-tropical terraces

The squirrel monkeys at the Wilhelma are showing off their three little ones. Responsible is: Frenchman Illamp;, the current male, joined the little popular monkey group on the sub-tropical terraces, after moving here from the southern French zoo de La Barben. Now the first results of the union are visible: between the end of April and mid-May, three infants were born and are being carried around on their mothers back.

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