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Advent time is Christmas market time in Germany

The official start to the Christmas season here in Germany has to be the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath, which is usually also the time that most of the big Christmas markets open up. The Christmas markets have to be one of the most anticipated attractions for tourists during the season and there are just so many of them. With there being only 4 weekends to hit the further out markets and evenings to visit the markets close by, it is useful to have a battle plan, so you can hit as many markets as possible. In our Christmas markets recommendations, you can find some of the most popular markets in Germany and some great tips and tricks.

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Medieval Christmas Magic in Esslingen

Christmas markets are one of the most popular attractions during the winter month in Germany. Every larger city has one and everyone has their own little perks. One of the most charming markets has to be the medieval Christmas market in Esslingen. The market is located right in the old center of town and surrounded by medieval half-timbered houses built anywhere from the 13th to the 16th century. The stream that heads through the town with is little bridges just adds to the feeling. Actors and performers are dressed in the era appropriate garb, making the illusion nearly perfect. The market was visited by over one million eager time travelers last year, why not join them?

The Advent Calendar

One of the most anticipated Christmas traditions every year has to be the Adventskalender or Advent-Calendar. Choosing just the right one, is of the most important things for children as it marks the beginning of the Christmas season for them. We have all heard at least one horror story from our families, of having to run out to get another Advent Calendar at the last minute because one of the youngsters decided to plunder it early, eating it all at once and stores are virtually sold out everywhere after the first of Advent (the fourth Sunday before Christmas).

The puppy mill madness

Tatjana Geßler, a German reporter for the SWR Aktuell news report spend her days trying to figure out the makings of the puppy mill mafia that is operating here in Germany. She met with a puppy owner that had just learned the hard way, that not every cute bargain puppy is a good deal.

Tatjana and the puppy mom (that is what we will call her in this article since she wants to remain anonymous) spend hours looking though darling puppy pictures on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. The Ebay classifides have turned into a portal for eastern European gangs that hawk off their mill puppies for bargain prices here in Germany. The puppy mom found a Chihuahua puppy on the Ebay adds, her little guy has been sick since she picked him up, diarrhea, bloody stool and more health issues.

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