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Chillis Mexican Restaurant y Bar

Chillis Mexican Restaurant y BarThis Mexican-American restaurant is located on the second floor of the Schwabengalerie—offering you delicious food, fine quality beverages, a variety of desserts, and a relaxing atmosphere, both inside and out. To top it off, it comes with professional, fast, and friendly service.

Aside from their signature Mexican-American cuisine (that comes with a refreshing and delightful European twist) the restaurant also offers a wide variety of other international and regional menu options. Lets not forget the dessert and and beverage menu, as they are sure to impress: to drink you‘ll find carefully selected wines and spirits, tasty cocktails, international, national and regional beer selections, a variety of soft drinks, juices, and even delicious strawberry, vanilla or chocolate milk shakes. For dessert there‘s an interesting mix of ice cream creations and ice cream floats, molten chocolate cakes and more. This Chilli‘s is not to be confused with the American Chili‘s franchise that can sometimes be found on American military facilities overseas. Although their names are similar, you‘ll see that there is a quite a difference in quality—with Chilli‘s (the one with two L‘s) coming out on top.

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The United Service Organization

uso.orgOr simply put, the USO, is a non-profit organization that provides services, programs, and events for the United States military‘s service members and their families. Established by President Roosevelt in 1941 in preparation for the Second World War, the USO celebrated its 75th anniversary this year!

The USO‘s main mission is to help strengthen America‘s military service members by “keeping them connected to their families, home and country throughout their service to the nation.” Based out of Arlington, Virginia, the USO has offices and holds events all over the world. On various military bases, in airports, and even at overseas duty stations, they go where we go. Providing service members and their families with whatever it is they might need. They offer a little taste of home even when you´re hundreds of miles away. Did you know? The USO is not a part of the federal government. It is run by dedicated staff and a powerful family of volunteers relying on the support of their local communities, organizations and corporations in order to complete their goals.

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The Swabian Fairytale Castle - Schloss Lichtenstein

Schloss LichtensteinIf you take the B27 south of Stuttgart, driving through Reutlingen and Pfullingen, you'll eventually reach Lichtenstein. It's a rather short drive, 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, and after Pfullingen you'll be cruising through small villages and a few winding, mountain roads. The Swabian Albs are an absolutely breath-taking site, so take your time—and don't speed, there are quite a few speed traps and cameras in this area (for your safety)! You'll soon be able to see the castle from below; Schloss Lichtenstein lies directly on a cliff located near  Honau on the Swabian Albs in Baden-Württemberg—above the source of the river Echaz and it has been around since approximately 1200 A.D.

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