The most beautiful supermarket in Germany can be found right in 70794 Filderstadt Bonlanden, located only eight miles from Kelley Barracks, 12 miles from the Patch Barracks or 14 miles from Panzer in Böblingen. Now this is not just my personal opinion. The Gebauer EDEKA market in Bonlanden was voted No. 1 under more than 11,000 Edeka stores Germany-wide in 2016. Free parking is plentiful in their own parking garage.

I was blown away when I entered the supermarket. "This is what a supermarket is supposed to be!” came to my mind when I looked around a little. The decision to write an article about this great market came quite spontaneously. I asked around for some information and was introduced to Ms. Elci, the assistant market manager. She proudly told me of the awards that this market had already received and told me they are hopeful for another award in 2017. The Gebauer Company is a family-run company founded more than 50 years ago by Manfred Gebauer in Göppingen. There are now six stores in the Filstal around Göppingen, and the branch in Bonlanden was opened 11 years ago.

One expects a huge selection. More than 40,000 different items are offered to the customers. The freshness and quality of the items are top priority and the store takes great care in avoiding long transport distances. The strawberries, for example, are from Köngen, a small village in the neighborhood. Even farmers from the surrounding area supply the market directly.

You pass the sushi booth in front of the large fruit and vegetable department, when you first enter the market. Then you are greeted by the big fish and seafood bar that shines with a great selection. You walk past a cheese counter that is a good 60 feet long. I have not seen a bigger meat and cheese selection anywhere in Germany and, again, great attention is paid to choosing local suppliers. Farmers from the area are selected and raise the animals whose meat is offered in the Gebauermarket. The ham-counter is certainly unique in Germany. I have only seen a similar one in Spain before. Then Mr. Elci drew my attention to the many Gebauer store labels. Only selected foods and drinks are named Gebauer. It does not matter if it is oils, beers, wines, pasta or jam, if it carries the Gebauer label, quality is ensured.

The Wine and Spirits department also presents itself beautifully. A very large selection of wines is displayed on large shelves. When I spoke to Mr. Nagel in the wine department, he gave me the feeling that he was quite honored to work with Gebauer. “At Gebauer we have more than 1,700 different types of wines to offer - and a total of more than 3,000 items.” He proudly showed me the Craft beers, which are also for sale on three shelves. The entrance area also features a juice bar and fresh delicious drinks and smoothies are freshly prepared right before the customers’ eyes.

A great supermarket, for sure the most beautiful I have seen. Freshness is their first priority and the customer really is treated like royalty. They accept all credit cards and also VAT forms. Enjoy your first shopping experience at the Edeka Gebauer in Filderstadt Bonlanden - it won’t be your last.