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If you are a treasure hunter like me, this is definitely the place to go. Founded in 1975 the Homburg Antique and Flea Market is the biggest of its kind in southwest Germany and draws in people by the thousands.

The market is located in an open area, called Forum, around the Homburg town hall (the Rathaus) and Landratsamt. Booths and tables are set up through the parking lots and green areas there along with food and ice-cream trucks to quench your hunger and thirst.

The dates for the flea market are fairly easy to remember since it usually runs every first Saturday of the month with exceptions during the winter. The, at times over 1,500, vendors come from all over Germany and even places like France, Belgium and as far as Luxembourg. You will encounter everything from antique dealers and second hand sellers, hand crafted items and artists to regular yard sellers and even kids praising their wares. Dive into stands filled with old pottery, china, knick-knacks and antiques. Browse through, World War 1 and 2 memorabilia or just spend the day bargain hunting for your family.

The market opens up at 8 am and runs till 4 pm, but plan on being there early, because the vendors do their main business early in the morning and some may start packing up by 12pm.

Getting there is easy, by car just use your Navi to the following address:
Am Forum 6, 66424 Homburg. Street parking is available around the forum and town hall, as well as designated parking lots nearby. Just be sure to check for no parking signs since the flea market Saturdays are popular to lure out the parking ticket fairies. Also avoid parking in the parking lots of Aldi or Hela which are only for the use of customers of the two stores. Often they have security companies guiding traffic and keeping visitors for the flea market out of the store lots. Your best bet is getting there early.

Homburg is located about 35 minutes southwest of Kaiserslautern, 1 hour 30 minutes southwest of Wiesbaden and 2 hours and 30 minutes northwest of Stuttgart.

Tips and tricks

  1. Bring small bills and change
  2. Wear comfortable shoes, the market is huge!
  3. Be sure to bring your Parkscheibe parking disk, in case it’s required for your spot
  4. Bring bags or a backpack to carry your treasures
  5. A stroller or cart would be handy to transport your finds
  6. Vendors love haggling, install a translating app on your phone or bring a notepad
  7. Be prepared for the German weather; it’s usually chilly in the morning and then gets quite warm during the day, so dress accordingly and bring the mandatory umbrella
  8. Bring drinks or snacks, the food carts are often overcrowded and not always easy to find
  9. Like in any crowded place, be aware of pocket thieves
  10. Return to your cars to drop off big stuff
  11. Don’t be afraid to buy large furniture items, more often than not the dealers offer delivery

Check out their official page with all flea market dates right here:

Flea market homburg

Happy Hunting

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