It is finally here! Summer… it felt like this year was going to stay cold and rainy, but now the sun has made an appearance, the temperatures are climbing and the people are heading outside to enjoy the weather.
It really does not matter if you are the public beer garden type or like to soak in the warm sun at home, the heat will make you thirsty. What better way to cool off on a hot day with some of Germany’s most popular summer refreshments.

So get your ice cubes and glasses ready!

Saures Wasser - Mineral water with lemon

Germany has an intense love affair with mineral waters of any kind. Sparkling, medium or just still you can get it virtually anywhere and from any region in Germany and even Europe. The water is usually served at room temperature by the glass or the bottle. In the summer it is often chilled and served with a slice of lemon.

Apfelschorle - apple juice spritzer

Half sparkling mineral water and half clear apple juice, wonderfully refreshing and a great way to replace lost minerals. Also tasty with cherry, black current or grape juice.

Wein Schorle süß or sauer– wine spritzer

Available in red or white wine and served with either sweet lemon soda (süß) or sparkling mineral water (sauer). The wine is mixed in equal parts with the sweet soda or water to give it either a sweet or tangy taste, served chilled without ice.

Radler – Lemon soda and beer mix

One of the most popular beer mix drinks has to be the Radler. Served in a tall beer glass, it is a beer mixed with sweet lemon soda.

Russ – Lemon Soda and Hefeweizen beer mix

A lot of Germans like also the Russ. Hefeweizen mixed with sweet lemon soda.

Cola Bier – Beer and coke mix

It may sound odd, but Cola beer is quite popular, especially with the younger crowd. Mixed to taste with either more or less beer, this drink almost reminds you of a dark or malty beer; served cold it’s a great addition at any grill evening.


One of the newer additions on the German drink menus is Hugo. A mix of white sparkling wine, elderberry syrup, lime juice and fresh mint leaves, best served chilled and with ice. Luckily most grocery stores sell Hugo ready to serve; storing a Hugo supply in the fridge is highly recommended in the summer.

Aperol Sprizz

For something more potent, Aperol may be the way to go. The fresh taste of this popular, bitter drink, mixed in equal parts with sparkling white wine and sparkling water, makes for a nice aperitif or just a nice drink for a relaxing evening.

Have fun recreating and trying all these great summer thirst quenchers!