Since some of the participants showed quite an interest in the outcome of my survey, I figured I would share some of the results with you.

But first I would like to express my great appreciation to all participants and supporters that stepped in and helped me on my way to success on the bachelor thesis.

I would like to present you a summary of work that I think would be of interest to you, since I don’t want to bore you with lots of numbers, data or statistics. If anyone wants more in depth info or has questions, feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be aware though that a reply can take a bit of time since all my work is in German and would have to be translated first.

The survey was completed by about 500 people that, in turn, means that it cannot represent all the wishes of everyone, but the trends and opinions.

The first question was to find out what kind of articles would be the most interesting to you. It was a very clear result on the top answers. The local attraction article answer got 100%; in second place with 99% were articles about sights further away. Following closely thereafter were museums, castles and forts, festival and events, everyday life in Germany and regional cooking recipes. We are already writing about just those subjects and are planning on expanding them. Additionally we will honor your requests and report about public transport and traffic.  Feel free to have a look at how the answers panned out.

We also wanted to know, how you preferred to read our articles, online, in print or, as a third option, both. On average, 49.6% would like to see the online article and 43.3% prefer the print version. On top of that, we have the 5% that like to do both. This will, of course, vary with the different articles that we choose to print in the magazine.

Another point of the survey was, where you prefer to shop; do you choose to shop on base or in the German economy. The answer did surprise us a bit; while quite visible that most prefer shopping off base, most did state that they buy their electronics mostly on base, even though the items are often cheaper off-base, especially in conjunction with a VAT form.

This brings us right to the next question, where we asked you to grade our statement of which commercial ads are most relevant to you, if they take VAT forms, accept credit cards and have English speaking personnel. The grades started at 5 = best grade and 1 = poorest grade. We found as a result that most seem to be interested in ads for restaurants, hotels and clothing stores. One of the biggest requests was the ability to pay via credit card. Other than that, no special pattern emerged. We did note quite an interest in English speaking personnel when it comes to counseling intense businesses. Same as a high interest in VAT form capabilities in high cost trades like car mechanics, furniture sales and electronic sales. Surprisingly, we did not have much interest in jewelry ads, they only reached 39%. Here a little sample data.

If you have any questions, concerns, wishes or ideas, please feel free to contact me at patrick.chaparro@together-magazine. Feel free to also message me if you are interested in composing exciting articles for our magazine.