Bestwhisky, a store with quite a promise, is located only about six miles, or 10 minutes, away from Patch Barracks in the Rotenwaldstreet 41, Stuttgart 70197. My first thought upon entering the store was, “feel free to lock me up in here and throw away the key!!”

A huge selection of different whiskeys, brandies and other spirits, just to die for! Peter Sondheim, the owner, welcomed me to his kingdom. As a guy that appreciates a good whiskey, I was convinced I knew a lot about the whole process of making one. After listening to Peter, I realized how much I still had to learn. I am pretty sure there are not a whole lot of people around that know as much as he does on the subject.

He started telling me about how he started his journey, by first opening an import company. Then he added a storefront, mainly with British goods. He and his wife have also been running the “Piccadilly English Shop” in downtown Stuttgart since 2002. The Picacadilly offers typical English goodness, like teas, shortbread, books, jams, gifts and, of course, whiskey.

In the Bestwhysky Peter presented me some of his favorite whiskeys, explained a lot about their makings and heritage and acquired about my preferences.

We started chatting about everyday things, and I mentioned that I run a magazine for our American visitors that are stationed here with the Military. He chuckled and said he has many American customers. He is well known for doing whiskey tastings at the Irish pub “The Auld Rouge” in Vaihingen and at his store. It was easy to see how proud he was of his store and how he had the ability to give great advice and promote a great selection during his tastings.

My advice is, if you plan on stopping by, leave the car at home or bring a designated driver. Peter’s store is home to about 600 different whiskeys, and he has about 300 available for tasting. So, you can be sure to find the perfect whiskey to please your taste buds. Bestwhisky is also the place, if you are looking for an exclusive birthday or Christmas gift. Prices range between under 20 Euros to over 500 Euros. Not only does the store Bestwhiskey accept credit cards, they also take VAT forms.

If you are a fan of good rum or port wine, you won’t be disappointed either. Giftboxes, glasses and other accessories are also available. See you at the next whiskey tasting or at the Whisky Festival in Stuttgart.

If you are a friend of fine spirits and liquor, this will be the place to be for you. Friday November 16th starting at 3pm and Saturday November 17th, after 1pm, the Bestwhiskey store is hosting a celebration of all thing’s whisky. With over 300 whiskeys from all over the world available for tasting this makes the perfect stop to get some great Christmas gifts.

Come join us at the Bestwhisky, Rotenwaldstreet 41, in 70197 Stuttgart, or check our website for more information: