As many of you are going through the PCS madness, I know- just about now, you are writing a mental list of last minute shopping trips of things to bring back to the states. Your parents want something from Germany, Auntie Maggie made sure to remind you on your last phone conversation, how much your uncle loves German food…. The family is breathing down your neck for those European goodies.

We all know a PCS move is stressful on itself, so adding several trips to search for gifts and get them all in time before the movers hit your place and double bubble wrap your life is just not an option. Besides, everyone is already sick of Germany magnets, shot glasses with Neuschwanstein Castle and silly thimbles you can’t use anyways… You are in need of something unique, a one stop shopping trip to get this show on the road.

Lucky for you, I have just the place for you! It’s time to ditch the pewter spoons, the steins and the Dirndl magnet and stock up on the funny and entertaining souvenirs from the 0711 store. And to prove our point, we just stopped by there yesterday.This store is truly extraordinary and one of a kind. Founded in 2008 by Marion Ringhofer, it oozes love and passion for the city of Stuttgart and the whole Swabian region, its gifts are just as unique as our people here. The store’s own items have all been lovingly designed by Marion and are only available in limited quantities. The store’s stock changes frequently, always adding new things to discover. Marion does have a slight obsession with the Stuttgart TV Tower … she has TV Tower bottle openers, soap, cups, TV Tower on canvas…. did I mention she has a slight obsession with the tower? Needless to say, the tower is a frequent theme in the store and one of their main brand items. The store offers all kind of fun gadgets, Swabian necessities – I mean who does not need a pink Spaetzle press?? -, T-shirts and much more. You can basically outfit your entire kitchen in the Stuttgart theme, the souvenirs are not made to sit in a shelf and collect dust, but to accompany you on trips, be part of your breakfast or remind you of fun times here while taking a shower. They are usable every day things you really need!

Like this awesome lawn chair, it’s made of high quality materials and it makes a wonderful gift. Of course, you can find the more traditional souvenirs at this place too, leather bags, alcohol and kids toys. They also have some very special Christmas items, to spruce up your tree. If you are able to read German, you need to check out the book section, great local cookbooks, local cartoons and local lecture will be great reminders of fun times here in our beloved city.

If you are wondering now, what is up with the name? Well, you may have used the number in the last couple years, more then you know, the 0711 is actually the area code for Stuttgart! So, you should really head on over there and stock up on the awesomeness. The 0711 store is located in the Senefelder street 52 in 70176 Stuttgart. If you can’t make it out there, they also have a section at the department store Mitte inside the Stuttgart Koenigsbau, by the Schlossplatz.

I sincerely hope I can make your last shopping days a little less stressful and more fun, I for sure had a great time there!