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Germany's Largest Seasonal Theme Park with over 14 roller coasters, water rides, and a number of exciting theatrical shows! Experience the sights, sounds, and culinary delights of 15 European countries (and at least two worlds of fantasy and make-believe) without ever having to leaving Rust, Germany.

For up-to-date opening hours and a schedule of events check out

Summer 2017 - April 1st -November 5th 

9 am to at least 6 pm (during the summer Europa Park is open longer).

Winter 2017/18 -  November 25th -January 7th

11 am to at least 7 pm

(the park is closed on Christmas Eve and Day)

Price for an Adult Day ticket: 47 euros

Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany, between Freiburg, Germany, and Strasbourg, France, and is the largest theme park in Germany. It is the second most popular theme park in all of Europe (second only to Disneyland Paris, and Europa Park happens to be a little closer, and a little cheaper). It is home to a number of various themed attractions, restaurants, theater shows, cinematic experiences, roller coasters (including one of the highest in Europe – the 73 meter high Silver Star, only open during the Summer Season), water rides (also only open during the Summer), and more—and it's located just a few minutes off of the Autobahn!

Once you're there you'll find plenty of parking available, and there's even a moving walkway that will take you directly to the park’s entrance (a faster way to fun)! 

Europa Park is one of those places where you wish there were more hours in the day. You'll want to experience it all, but of course you can't...or at least you can't experience it all in one day; So, once you're there you'll either have to prioritize or plan a two-day trip! Conveniently, and similarly to Disneyland, there are a number of themed Europa Park 4-Star hotels nearby: Hotel Bell Rock (Theme: New England, USA), Hotel Colosseo (Theme: Rome, Italy – my second favorite hotel), Hotel Santa Isabel (Theme: A Stylish Portuguese Monastery), Hotel Castillo Alcazar (Theme: The Middle Ages, with a bit of a Spanish twist. This “Burghotel” or “Castle Hotel” is my favorite of the bunch), Hotel El Andaluz (Theme: The Spanish Mediterranean), and last, but not least, is the thematic camp resort of the “Wild West” where you'll feel like a “true” cowboy (and I'm assuming you'll all know this, but “true” here, actually means stereotypical “old western movie true” cowboy, but it's all in good fun. The campground has log cabins that can be used year round, however the “tee-pee” tents can only be used during the summer).

Europa Park has something for everyone: adults, families, children, and even roller coaster junkies. Here are few of the theme park’s top attractions:

ARTHUR: Jump aboard a breathtaking themed ride through the Minimoy's Magical Kingdom - inspired by the smash hit movie trilogy “Arthur and the Invisibles” – Must be at least four years old and 100 cm tall. Awarded the THEA Award for the Best Ride System.

Pegasus - The YoungStar Coaster: “Surrounded by ancient artifacts, even smaller visitors can enjoy a ride on this flying horse thanks to the specialist ergonomic seating. Ancient Greece trembles as Pegasus starts its ride 15m above ground before dashing through the sky against a backdrop of a beautiful Greek village!“ – Must be at least four years old and at least 100 cm tall. A medium sized, family friendly roller coaster!

Atlantica SuperSplash: A personal favorite, hop on board the giant sailboat “Santa Maria” and enjoy the ride! You'll travel through the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, travel down a few fun “slides.” Fair warning: it's unlikely you'll stay dry on a splashin' fun ride like this one, but it’s a great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Same age and height requirements as above.

Spinning Dragons: We've all heard of spinning tea cups, well Europa Park brings you spinning dragons! Same age and height requirements as above.

Grimm's Enchanted Forest: this thematic park area hosts a number of fantastical exhibits and rides for you and your little ones to explore!

Eurosat: “Enter the silver-sphere and ride a spacecraft to the top before a countdown announces your fall into the depths...Race past stars, planets, and meteorites on this fascinating high speed trip through the universe.” Must be at least 6 years old and 120 cm tall to ride.

WODAN – Timburcoaster: Experience Europa-Park’s first giant wooden rollercoaster!
Around 1050 meters long, 40 meters tall, and with a top speed of 100km/hour! Must be at least six years old and 120 cm tall to ride.

Matterhorn Blitz: Another exciting roller coaster ride, this time through the Alps. Same age and height restrictions as the coaster mentioned above.

COMING SOON: The Voletarium – 2017
Ever dreamed of flying? Well you're dreams are about to come true: In the 2017 season, Voletarium will open its gates in the German themed area. Visitors can look forward to a fantastic journey across Europe in this new flying theater.
This, and so, so, so much more awaits you, your family, and friends at Europapark! Not to even mention the special events held there (such as those for Halloween, The Yuletide season, and New Year’s), the variety shows, the musical theater, the dinner theater, and various other festivals and activities held throughout the year! Once again, you can find a full schedule of all events on their website! Happy Travels!

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