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PCS (Permanent Change of Station) - tips and tricks

Summertime is moving time, and one of the things that stresses people out the most is turning that rented apartment or house back to the landlord. Fearing that last walk-through, hoping and praying he finds nothing needing to be fixed or deducted from the deposit.

We have all been there, pictures and shelves come off the walls leaving big, ugly holes in the walls. That big Schrank was sitting too close to the wall causing it to grow some mold. The cat scratched the wallpaper….

First off, be aware that you can fix most things on your own without ever having to tell your landlord. Or if you don't have the time or skills, you can hire someone and shop around for estimates. Having those little damages fixed before the walk-through will make the whole ordeal much less stressful.

Here are some quick fixes for common issues:

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The Low-Stress Holiday Dinner Party

merry ChristmasThe holidays are here; time for an endless stream of food, fun, family and friends. Only this year, it's your turn to host the big holiday party. That's right, after a few seasons of skirting by with a side dish and a bottle of glühwein, you're up for the main event. So, where to start? What do those symbols on your oven mean again?

Don't let the stress of hosting a large event keep you from doing it! With a bit (well, a lot) of preparation, and a touch of planning, you'll make hosting a holiday dinner party look like a piece of cake... or pie (yum).

The following is a guideline to running a smooth holiday dinner party. Again, this is only a guideline, take what you read and feel free to adjust it, so that it works for you! 

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Dogs in Germany. What you need to know…

Germany is actually a very pet friendly country; you'll see pets in Germany everywhere, the outdoor barn cat, the dog on the train or bus, in the car, at the mall, or the park, and even in many restaurants (where you can often find the waiter will bring your dog a water bowl as well).  If you're lucky you might even see someone walking around downtown with a friendly pet rat or parrot on their shoulder. However, dogs, in particular, are very welcome in Germany, and they are allowed in most German businesses, aside from the grocery store, and in almost any public space. Dogs are also allowed in parks (but for health and safety reasons they are not allowed on playgrounds) and on all public transportation*. Still there are a few important rules to follow when you have a dog in Germany.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Driving on the Autobahn

Germany`s Transportation Innovation

If there`s one thing Germany is famous for, it`s the autobahn. Started in 1929, it now spans more than 12,950 km or 8,047 miles across the country, even crossing into Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, and France (but always watch for tolls when crossing into other countries). Really there are few places that can`t be reached using one of the world`s most famous highways - and the autobahn can offer you a fun, fast, and at many times scenic roadway to your destination. So feel free to hit the highway, go on that amazing road trip you`ve always dreamed about! Germany offers you a wonderful four seasons and plenty to do - but before you go, here are a few important facts - and busted myths - about driving on the German autobahn.

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