Germans love their insurance, and insurance is offered for virtually everything. While most policies or plans don’t really make sense for Americans that are temporarily stationed here, others really do. Time has shown over and over that, especially during PCS times when stress levels are already through the roof, insurances have saved the day more than once.

This last October, one of the admins of our Stuttgart Facebook groups contacted the together Magazine, to see if the team could recommend someone for German insurance. Our team contacted several insurance agencies to see if they would be able to address the special conditions that Americans would need. The fist Insurance that was more then happy to cater to those needs and was thrilled about the opportunity was the Württembergische Insurance company with Mr. Oliver Bock as general insurance agent. Mr. Bock also has family back in the States. His sister, Yvonne Stevens, is the founder and principal of the German school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Since German insurances have many conditions that can be quite confusing for Americans, Oliver Bock from the German insurance company Württembergische created some flexible solutions for those problems.

The insurance plans recommended for Americans are the following:

  • Personal liability and liability as a pet owner
  • Personal property and homeowner policies
  • Legal cost protection
  • Accident insurance

German personal liability insurance is very important. Daily life offers a multitude of dangers, and everyone risks causing damage:

  • in traffic as a cyclist or pedestrian
  • in leisure time or sport
  • as a tenant, parent or grandparent

If people are injured, the liability can quickly become expensive since you are liable for the damage with all your private assets and, as if that wasn’t not enough, even with your future earnings.

Therefore, personal liability insurance is a must.

Personal liability insurance protects you as a private person against claims for damages by third parties. It is one of the most important types of insurance and protects you against the following:

  • Checking whether, and to what extent, you are liable for compensation of the damages incurred.
  • Defense against unfounded claims - even in court.
  • Compensation in money for justified claims.

 A personal liability insurance pays compensation for:

  • Personal injury, e.g. medical and hospital costs, handicapped accessibility conversion measures and compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Property damage, e.g. repair and replacement costs, depreciation or loss of use.
  • Financial losses, in which neither a person nor a thing suffers direct damage.

The American insurance laws are quite different from the German laws and require some good reading into to.

The Württembergische insurance company has also agreed to honor pcs orders, making canceling plans much easier.

Legal insurance can come in handy when you are in need of legal aid. Depending on the plan you choose if can be used to cover legal costs from things like a traffic accident or landlord issues.

You want to make sure you have sufficient insurance to protect yourself from unwanted surprises during your stay!

Make an appointment at our Stuttgart office or via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you are located outside of the Stuttgart region, to learn what coverage you might need. Württembergische insurance can advise you.