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Schloss Lichtenstein

Schloß Lichtenstein , Lichtenstein 72805, Baden-Württemberg
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The swabian Fairytail Castle - Schloss Lichtenstein

If you take the B27 south, driving through Reutlingen and Pfullingen, you'll eventually reach Lichtenstein. It's a rather short drive, 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, and after Pfullingen you'll be cruising through small villages and a few wining, mountain roads. The Swabian  Alb are an absolutely breath taking site, so take your time—and don't speed, there are quite a few speed traps and cameras in this area (for your safety)! You'll soon be able to see the castle from below; Schloss Lichtenstein lies directly on a cliff located near Honau on the Swabian Alb, in Baden-Württemberg—above  the source of the river Echaz and it has been around since approximately 1200 A.D

A short history lesson...
About 500 meters away from the castle you can see the ruins of the "Burg Alt Lichtenstein" which was built sometime between 1150 and 1200 A.D. This smaller castle was originally destroyed in 1311, and after being rebuilt it was once again damaged between  1377 and 1381, during the Swabian Civil War. It was never rebuilt, instead, another, new castle was erected in 1390.  This castle served as the Duke's seat from 1390 to 1567, and was then later used as a forester's lodge. After the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) this castle slowly fell into disrepair and in 1802 part of the ruins were demolished; Later to be used by Duke Frederick II, later known as King Frederick I of Württemberg, to build a princely forest and hunting lodge. In 1826 the German author, Wilhelm Hauf, published a novel entitled „Lichtenstein“ –it was the romantic era. During the romantic era  the Middle Ages, castles and knights were glorified and this novel takes place in 1526. The main character, Duke Ulrich, was driven from Württemberg and hid in the castle Lichtenstein and it's neighboring caves. Wilhelm Graf von Württemberg loved the novel so much that he bought the surrounding land and forester's home in 1837. This was where he wanted to build his summer residence. After the demolition of the original forestry and hunting lodge, Schloss Lichtenstein was built (1840-1842). Graf added on an outer ward, and a trench, to protect the caslte and it's hidden treasures from theives and buglars. Between 1898 and 1901 the outer buildings of the castle were built and finally, Burg Lichtenstein was complete.

Nowadays you can visit the courtyard and outerbuildings, as well as the beauitful interior of the castle (two stories are available for viewing). Whether you are in the great hall, the armory or the ball room—each room is full of beautiful antiques, preserved paintings, decorations and furniture. Outside, you can see an interesting collection of older weaponry, such as the cannons that once provied the castle with additional protection. The entrance fees for the castle and the castle grounds are €3.50 for children, 7€ for adults with a Military Discount: € 6,00 entry.

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Schloß Lichtenstein , Lichtenstein 72805, Baden-Württemberg
07129 4102
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