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Jump in shape

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17 Ziegelbrennerstraße, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg 70374, Stuttgart
21 February 2018 -
Indoor Sport
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17 Ziegelbrennerstraße, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg 70374
0711 - 90 79 32 10   

Your feedback and high demand confirmed that you feel like training on the trampoline. Outside the holidays every Wednesday evening we offer a "Jump in shape" course with an energetic atmosphere! No matter if you are a woman or man, everyone can go to their own limit.

The course will be in our main court, the "FreeJump".  Everyone has their own trampoline and can do the exercise at their own level. The focus is on having fun and movement. When jumping on the trampoline, something happens in your body. Through the necessary body tension you train your whole apparatus of movement. In addition, you train your balance and coordination, which improves your body feeling.

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21 February 2018

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