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Lichtensteinstraße , Sonnenbühl 72820, Baden-Württemberg


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The Nebelhöhle or “The Fog-Cave"

The first cave is the “Fog-Cave” or Nebelhöhle, and it has been around for quite some time. It was first mentioned in text in 1486, but it was surely used as shelter, or as a safe haven, long before then. The Nebelhöhle was first called a “fog hole” until it was given a larger, and more comfortable entrance in 1803. It is important to note that the temperature in the caves is a constant 48°F and 50°F throughout the year.  The cave also retains  100%  humidity,  so  bring  a  warm,  water  resistant jacket.

The  formation  of  the  cave  took  place  over millions  of  years;  150  million  years  ago  this  area  was
covered  in  water.  The  shifting  plates  of  the  earth  took  what  is  today‘s  Southern  Germany  and  lifted  it  above  the sea. The drying of the former seabed, along with the naturally formed cracks and crevices, are what formed the  cave  you  see  today.  Stalactites  began  to  growit  
is estimated that the stalactites grow at a painstakingly slow rate 1 cm every 60 to 80 years.

So  you  can  see  just  how  long  this  cave  has  been  in  the making. The Nebelhöhle is one of the biggest and nicest  caves  that  you  can  visit  in  Southern  Germany.

The cave is 830 meters long, 480 of which you can walk through.  Unfortunately,  the  cave  is  not  wheelchair  friendly, seeing as there are over 141 steps and no elevator is available. 

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Lichtensteinstraße , Sonnenbühl 72820, Baden-Württemberg
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