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You love good food and wine?

Then the Stuttgarter Weindorf (Stuttgart Wine Village) is a must.

It is one of the finest wine festivals in Germany with regional specialties and a wide selection of excellent regional wines from Wuerttemberg and Baden.        

On the Stuttgarter Marktplatz (in front of city hall), the “Schillerplatz” and in the ”Kirchstraße”(downtown Stuttgart), there will be more than 30 hosts and winemakers presenting over 250 different wines in 125 different booths. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can indulge yourself at one of the confectionary retailers.

Splish, splash at the waterpark

Public pools and waterparks are immensely popular during the summer in Germany. While nearly every village has a local outdoor pool or swimming lake, the waterparks are a little more wide-spread. But, just like in back in the States, they have large slides, wave pools and/or nice artificial beaches.

The Stuttgart Ninja warrior challenge competition

We, from the Together Magazine, are super excited to be able to present this awesome event to you all!

Our partner, the Sprungbude, is hosting a Ninja challenge night for all American personnel and families stationed in the area. The ninja warrior challenge will be featuring 4 teams competing for fame, glory, prices and of course bragging rights!

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Mikomi Sushi and Grill

I am a huge sushi fan, so I did not hesitate when I was offered the chance to check out a new, local place.

Located inside the Schwabengalerie in Vaihingen, the restaurant is easily reachable by public transport, and there is lots of parking available. There are several large public parking garages right in the area. Mikomi sits right in the little courtyard, so you also have the option of dining outside.

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The Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden

If you ask around, one of the “must-see attractions in Germany is the Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden. I can only guess, it’s a combination of historic curiosity and the memory of the defeat of a real-life nemesis. 

If it wasn’t for its macabre history, the area would be no different than any other beautifully situated Alpine houses. Stunning, rugged, white-tipped mountains and cliffs, steep green valleys with forests and little towns surround the house. Today, it has been turned into a nice restaurant with the typical Bavarian charm and delicious food. 

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