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Goldschmiede-Atelier Marion Schäfer

Olgastraße 35, Stuttgart 70182, Baden-Württemberg
Goldschmiede-Atelier Marion Schäfer 0711-7269078 5 05 1


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The friendlist goldsmith in the Stuttgart area

True beauty that can withstand the test of time.  

Over millions of years and under the most unusual circumstances nature has hand crafted these precious materials; diamonds, rubies, jewels, pearls, corals, as well as gold, platinum and silver. We can use these raw gems to hand craft an exceptional piece of jewelry just for you, something that will truly make a statement, and last an eternity.

Jewlery that brings about emotion, and invokes memory. The oldest witnesses of human existence are tools and jewlery. To decorate oneself lavishly, is a basic need, it is what distinguishes us from all other organisms on the planet.

With your inspiration, and our experience, your vision can become a wearalble dream. In a comfortable and private space, we can work together to create your individual piece of jewelery, then your vision will come to life in our workshop. Each piece of jewelery is completely customizable—so why not make it yours.

Do you perhaps have old, broken, or used jewelery laying around the house? Items that have lost their shine or need a personal touch? No problem, we can work with you to bring your old jewelery back to life so that each piece can once again bring you joy.

As a professional goldsmith, it is the job of my team and I, to always create a timeless and unique work of art when handcrafting your jewelery. This way it can then be easily paired with some of your exisiting jewelery.


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  • Gold and diamonds


    They are very nice and friendly. I Have never seen this in germany. I was looking for a ring for my wife. They offered me a cup of espresso and a water. The shop is in downtown stuttgart, very close to the station olgaeck. They accept credit cards and the VAT form.
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Olgastraße 35, Stuttgart 70182, Baden-Württemberg

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