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  • 6 THE BEST RATED BEER IN THE WORLD - The Westvleteren 12 Trappist beer

    The Westvleteren 12 Trappist beerThe Westvleteren 12 Trappist beer, brewed by the monks at the St. Sixtus Abbey, is one of the most coveted beers in the world by beer connoisseurs. It is also one of the most exclusive beers in the world, as the only place authorized to sell the beer is at the St. Sixtus Abbey in West Flanders,

  • A crazy day at Disneyland Paris


    You may call us crazy, but last month we decided to take our kids to Disneyland in Paris. I do have to add, our kids are 19 and 15, but they had been bugging to going back to Disney for years now. So what do good parents do? You eventually give in, sit

  • A Sea of Flowers


    Copyright by:pixabay_publicDomainPictures ©

    Keukenhof has to be one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands during springtime. It is one of the

  • Advent time is Christmas market time in Germany


    The official start to the Christmas season here in Germany has to be the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath, which is usually also the time that most of the big Christmas markets open up. The Christmas markets have to be one of the most anticipated

  • Bad Wimpfen and Burg Guttenberg - A lovely day trip


    Bad Wimpfen and Burg Guttenberg are located in the beautiful Neckar Plain about an hour by car from Stuttgart or 1,5 hours from Kaiserslautern. Take the first exit on the highway A6 going towards Mannheim, the exit Neckarsulm and then head toward Mosbach. But beware – there

  • Castle illumination in Heidelberg


    If you ever lived in the Rhein-Neckar region, then you know that one of the summer highlights is the Heidelberg castle illumination. Three times every year during the summer months (June, July and September, right after nightfall), the spectacle attracts thousands of

  • Caterpillar invasion


    You may have seen them on the news, or even out when you are walking around town or the woods. I am talking about caterpillars, oak processionary caterpillars in particular.

  • Christmas Markets


    During the 4 weeks of Advent (roughly four weeks prior to Christmas) the Christmas Markets – Weihnachtsmärkte - open their doors.

    They originated in German-speaking part of Europe & in the Eastern regions of France in the Late Middle

  • CMT – Caravan- Motor und Tourism in Stuttgart 14.01.2017 till 22.01.2017

    CMT, with more than 2,000 exhibitors, will be presenting holiday ideas, the most beautiful travel destinations from around the globe, and the largest novelty show for camping and caravanning. This is the right way to the start of the season,  and there will be a tourism entertainment program as well.  Special

  • Die Bundesgartenschau – The National Garden Show


    Every year a different German city has the honor of hosting the national garden show. This year the task has fallen upon Heilbronn. Each city designs and sets-up a huge public garden with their hometown’s touch. Those

  • Europa Park - Theme Park & Resort


    Copyright by:Europa Park ©

    Germany's Largest Seasonal Theme Park with over 14 roller coasters, water rides, and a number of exciting theatrical shows! Experience the sights, sounds,

  • Germany’s beaches


    Surprised? Yes, even Germany has beaches. I know it’s a well-hidden secret. Since most Americans are kind of concentrated in the center and south of Germany, the North is often left out. But that’s just where the oceans

  • Haunted Germany


    Today most Germans are usually not very superstitious, black cats, broken mirrors, or Friday the 13th doesn’t faze them anymore. Nevertheless, Germany is a place where you often feel, time standing still. Town centers can take you back to the middle ages and dark

  • Horb’s Knight Games


    One of Germans favorite past times during the warm summer months has to be visiting medieval markets.

    Many of the old city centers are transformed into something from times long past. Cities like Horb offer trips right into the busy

  • Hotel "Bell Rock" at the Europa Park


    Copyright by:Europa Park ©

    Entering the parking area of the New England style hotel “Bell Rock” at the Europa Park was like entering a different era, especially once we parked and

  • Konnichiwa, Japan Day in Duesseldorf


    Copyright by:Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH ©

    On May 25, 2019, Duesseldorf, the traditional stronghold of Japanese business in Europe, is

  • Konstanz’s lake night festival, August 12th, 2017


    Copyright by:MPS ©

    The legendary festival along Lake Constance, August 12th, 2017

    And you can win tickets! Our friends of the festival were so kind to

  • Majestic wheelies at the royal park. Mating season of the Indian peafowl at the Wilhelma


    The Wilhelma visitors are almost mesmerized by the sight of him. Will he do it or not? Spectators gather by every Indian peacock and wait anxiously if he will show of his legendary display of tail feathers. Right now, is the best time of the year to observe the cock with the most

  • Medieval Christmas Magic in Esslingen


    Christmas markets are one of the most popular attractions during the winter month in Germany. Every larger city has one and everyone has their own little perks. One of the most charming markets has to be the medieval Christmas market in Esslingen. The market is located

  • Minister opens new Snow Leopard enclosure in the Stuttgart Wilhelma during celebration


    The Snow Leopards at the Wilhelma have something great to look forward to: the zoologic-botanical garden in Stuttgart built a beautiful large outdoor areal on a steep slope, exclusively for the climbing enthusiastic cats. Edith Sitzmann, the finance minister of the state of

  • Pumpkin Festival – Sunday, October 9th

    The Sunshine Pumpkin Farm

    The Sunshine Pumpkin Farm is located in Gerhardsbrunn, a short 20 minute drive from Ramstein Air Base. Every year Familie Guhl opens up their pumpkin patch to families in the KMC area! Their fantastic pumpkin patch is so much fun; it's the perfect place to pick


    Rhine Fall is a year-round, freely-accessible attraction; be sure to check opening hours, as they can change with the season.

    Rhine Fall Schaffhausen opening hours and prices:

    After the Rhine has left Lake Constance, it rushes through the

  • Safety reminder, pick-pockets!


    Summer is traveling season, and no matter if you travel within the country or all over Europe, thieves are everywhere. Especially the large European capitals are hot spots to rip off tourists. 

  • Schaffhausen

    Schaffhausen is a beautiful city with a vault cellar right in the city center. Located right next to the train station starts the inner city of Schaffhausen. In addition to cusps, old buildings and their facades, the old facility Munot located right next to the Rhine Fall which offers a secret highlight.


  • Season start at the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau


    The “Gartenschau” garden show in Kaiserslautern is reopening its gates on March 30, 2019. Known as one of the most popular outdoor hang outs in the area, this place is perfect for a family with younger children. The garden show is laid



    “Visitors are amazed when I say that Sigmaringen is Germany’s most important castle,” the guide says with a smile. “But this castle belonged to, and still belongs to, the Hohenzollern dynasty that played a vital role in German history.” Towering on a

  • Splish, splash at the waterpark


    Public pools and waterparks are immensely popular during the summer in Germany. While nearly every village has a local outdoor pool or swimming lake, the waterparks are a little more wide-spread. But, just like in back in the States, they have

  • Squirrel monkeys in the Wilhelma - triple babies on the sub-tropical terraces


    The squirrel monkeys at the Wilhelma are showing off their three little ones. Responsible is: Frenchman Illamp;, the current male, joined the little popular monkey group on the sub-tropical terraces, after moving here from the southern French zoo de La Barben. Now the first results

  • Stuttgart - History and interesting facts


    For all of you who are new to Stuttgart, or not just new to Stuttgart, but new to Germany – Welcome, to Germany and to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is not only my hometown, but, with over 620,000 residents, the largest city in the state of Baden-Wuertemberg. It is also the B-W

  • Surprise Mom and Dad with a trip back in time!!!


    The German Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, perfect time for a little day trip. Gondwana, das Praehistorium is offering an amazing deal to celebrate those special holidays with


    TONBACHSTRASSE 243, D-72270 BAIERSBRONNIn the middle of the Black Forest, peace and tranquility prevail. Surrounded by a quiet and calm nature where the view from the restaurant is almost as beautiful as the panoramic view from the tree house sauna. You'll find nothing but beauty here. A romantic candlelight

  • The 5th season in Germany


    You may have noticed that stores are setting up party items, costumes and streamers. No, Germany is not having a blow out on Halloween costumes, but is preparing the high season of Karneval, Fasching or as Americans may know it, Mardi Grass. You

  • The Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden


    If you ask around, one of the “must-see

  • The Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern

    The Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern

    Don't miss your last chance to visit the Japanese Gardens in Kaiserslautern this year!

  • The Stuttgart Caravan, Motor and Touristic or CMT Trade fair


    If you are a passionate traveler, or just a weekend trip fan this fair is right up your alley and a must visit, for sure. Hosted by Stuttgart, you have a whole 9 days to check out the craziness, starting January 13th and ending on January 21st, 2018.

  • The Stuttgart Caravan, Motor and Touristic or CMT Trade fair


    If you are a passionate traveler, or just a weekend trip fan this fair is right up your alley and a must visit, for sure. Hosted by Stuttgart, you have a whole 9 days to check out the craziness, starting January 11th and ending on January 19th, 2020.

  • The Stuttgart Zoo, Wilhelma, one of the most beloved zoos in Germany


    The Stuttgart zoo is one of the largest and well-known zoos within Germany, it draws in over 2.1 million visitors every year. The park covers an area of almost 70 acres, about the size of 40 football fields and is bordered by the Neckar river and

  • The Swabian Fairytale Castle - Schloss Lichtenstein

    Schloss LichtensteinIf you take the B27 south of Stuttgart, driving through Reutlingen and Pfullingen, you'll eventually reach Lichtenstein. It's a rather short drive, 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, and after Pfullingen you'll

  • The Wilhelma is Blooming


    Copyright by:Harald Knitter/Wilhelma ©

    Spring is moving in quickly at the Wilhelma; the milder weather has caused the blossoms of the Azaleas to literally explode inside

  • Three Winter 2016 Vacation Destinations (For the Non Skier)

    Three Winter 2016 Vacation Destinations (For the Non Skier)

    Fall brings change, and well, winter brings the colder days and nights. While you may want to hibernate throughout the winter in your flannel pajamas while binge watching those shows your friends won't stop talking about, here are three great winter vacation

  • Traveling Throughout Europe

    Germany is a beautiful country, I´ll say it time and time again. I´m a child of mixed cultures, and I may have been born in America, but deep in my heart, Germany is my home: the lush green country side, the mountains, rivers and lakes, the castles, festivals, food, beer, soccer, it´s churches,

  • Traveling to London on a Budget

    As I've mentioned before, living in Germany makes traveling throughout Europe just a little bit easier and a lot more affordable. Ryanair almost always has cheap tickets to London Stansted from Frankfurt-Hahn or Baden-Baden, and neither of those airports are terribly far away from Stuttgart, Wiesbaden or Ramstein.

  • Triberg Waterfalls Black Forest, Germany

    Triberg Waterfalls  Schwarzwald, GermanyThe highest waterfall in Germany is in the idyllic black forest town of Triberg (pronounced Tree-Berg, and it's definitely worth a weekend visit. Triberg is a three hour drive from Ramstein and a shorter hour and a half drive from Stuttgart. Since we were coming from

  • Villingen-Schwenningen: a trip back in time


    It’s admittingly hard to travel back into the past, if you are lacking a time travel device. But there is a city you can visit, where such a device is not necessary. You can get there all on your own, back to the Middle Ages, back when the night watchman

  • Wissembourg

    Located right on the French-German border is the picturesque town of Wissembourg. Wissembourg is only 45 miles away from Kaiserslautern or 75 miles away from Stuttgart.
    Founded in the 7th century as an Abbey, the town had grown into a fortified

  • You love good food and wine?


    Then the Stuttgarter Weindorf (Stuttgart Wine Village) is a must.

    It is one of the finest wine festivals in Germany with regional specialties and a wide selection of excellent regional wines from Wuerttemberg and Baden.        

    On the Stuttgarter

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