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  • “Zum Brückle” a nice Restaurant near Kelley Barracks


    For someone like me who has lived in the Stuttgart area for over 20 years it is possible to miss out on some great local restaurants.

    Last Sunday, my family and I visited a restaurant that we’ve always known about, driven passed, but never stopped to have a meal.

  • 9/11 in Stuttgart


    Explosions, gun fire, the cries from injured people at the train station in Stuttgart. Police, Fire department and ambulances with lights and sirens blaring, racing towards the main train station. If you encounter that in Stuttgart tomorrow evening – don’t be alarmed. No

  • A young buck out looking for love


    Dull, rumbling calls are carried over the exhibition farm at the Wilhelma. Through trees and branches, spotted fur and impressive antlers are visible. The new arrival at the Persian fallow deer is making for a magnificent sight. The newcomer has loudly proclaimed the start of

  • Advent time is Christmas market time in Germany


    The official start to the Christmas season here in Germany has to be the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath, which is usually also the time that most of the big Christmas markets open up. The Christmas markets have to be one of the most anticipated

  • American BBQ and Root Beer float in Stuttgart at TC BBQ

    American BBQ and Root Beer

    I like to say I am a person of food and culture. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled most of my life and have had amazing experiences with different people. My love for food came from the basic need of wanting to eat something good.

    I attended culinary school in

  • Barefoot Parks


    If you like the outdoors and want to treat your family to a natural, down to earth experience, these parks may just be the thing for you. Barefoot parks or dedicated barefoot trails are set up mainly for barefoot walking and playing. These open parks provide families the

  • Bestwhisky Stuttgart Whiskyfestival


    Bestwhisky, a store with quite a promise, is located only about six miles, or 10 minutes, away from Patch Barracks in the Rotenwaldstreet 41, Stuttgart 70197. My first thought upon entering the store was, “feel free to lock me up in here and throw away the key!!”

  • Caterpillar invasion


    You may have seen them on the news, or even out when you are walking around town or the woods. I am talking about caterpillars, oak processionary caterpillars in particular.

  • Christmas Garden Stuttgart Grand Opening


    “The magical journey begins at dusk” - that’s the theme the Wilhelma will go by when the Christmas Garden Stuttgart opens their doors to visitors on

  • Christmas Markets


    During the 4 weeks of Advent (roughly four weeks prior to Christmas) the Christmas Markets – Weihnachtsmärkte - open their doors.

    They originated in German-speaking part of Europe & in the Eastern regions of France in the Late Middle

  • Do you like steaks?


    We tested Stuttgarts steak restaurants for you. The same question keeps popping up on the Facebook pages and groups, “Where do they serve great steaks?” We checked out 3 restaurants and really would like to recommend you one of them.

  • Easter fun on the Stuttgarter Wasen

    The Stuttgart spring fest starts with a 4 day weekend into its 79th year. This year it is opening right in time to celebrate the end of fasting on the Saturday before Easter. Old and young visitors can look forward to 3 eventful weeks in the capital of

  • Filderkraut Party!!


    Copyright by:Markus Schwarz ©

    It is well known that Germany celebrates all kinds of harvests, the

  • Geeking out at the Stuttgart Comic Con


    The Stuttgart Messe is opening its doors to the Comic fans again. Today and tomorrow (June 29th and 30th) it’s all about comics, movies, cosplay and everything that comes along with the kingdom of nerds. Hang out

  • Gorilla Lady Tuana gives birth to an adorable baby


    Almost 3 years after the last birth in the Gorilla group, this year’s addition brings their number to 12. On January 11th, 2018 animal caretakers where thrilled to discover the, so far unknown gender, gorilla infant.

  • Halloween at the Wilhelma


    Creepy, haunted hour with spooky spirits

    hen giant spiders build their nets, pale skeletons hide behind bushes, then it is time for the creepiest day at the Wilhelma. Witches, vampires and ghosts are taking over leadership at the zoological- botanical garden in Stuttgart on

  • It’s Horb time!!


    Hear ye, Hear ye!!

    In just one month the gates for the famous Horb knight games will open. Horb, located 35 miles south of Stuttgart at the A81, is one of the largest medieval markets in the Europe. This medieval festival doesn’t just lure its visitors in with an

  • Lively lambs, kids and piglets at the exhibition farm


    Feisty or quiet: the newly arrived offspring at the exhibition farm of the Wilhelm is fit as a fiddle. In the last ten days lambs and kids were born on an almost daily basis.

    That makes the eight five-week old piglets, of the Schwaebisch-Haellisch pigs, almost preteens within

  • Majestic wheelies at the royal park. Mating season of the Indian peafowl at the Wilhelma


    The Wilhelma visitors are almost mesmerized by the sight of him. Will he do it or not? Spectators gather by every Indian peacock and wait anxiously if he will show of his legendary display of tail feathers. Right now, is the best time of the year to observe the cock with the most

  • Mikomi Sushi and Grill


    I am a huge sushi fan, so I did not hesitate when I was offered the chance to check out a new, local place.

    Located inside the Schwabengalerie in Vaihingen, the restaurant is easily reachable by public transport, and there is lots of parking available.

  • Mingling with the Germans


    While living here in Germany, you may encounter some of us natives and more often then not friendships bloom. Especially if you live off base, you might strike up a neighborly conversation or get to know the other parents from your child’s daycare, kindergarten or school. This whole

  • Minister opens new Snow Leopard enclosure in the Stuttgart Wilhelma during celebration


    The Snow Leopards at the Wilhelma have something great to look forward to: the zoologic-botanical garden in Stuttgart built a beautiful large outdoor areal on a steep slope, exclusively for the climbing enthusiastic cats. Edith Sitzmann, the finance minister of the state of

  • Mother's Day crafts at the Wilhelma


    The Wilhelma in Stuttgart is offering a special free event for Mother’s Day this weekend.

  • Not only jumping jacks at the SPRUNGBUDE!


    The people that know me would probably all agree that I am not a work out kind of girl… so let’s just say I was more than surprised when I was told to check out a fitness place… oh dear, poor me. So, off I went to see what the big hype was about.

  • Recycling in Germany


    Copyright by:pixabay ©

    Different trash cans

    Usually the trash is sorted into the following:

  • Restaurant Da Peppone


    Da Peppone is an authentic Italian restaurant that is very popular with the community located in Stuttgart-Möhringen, so, reservations are recommended. You have the choice of being seated outside on the patio or inside in their comfortable restaurant.

  • Shine with a special gift this Valentine’s day


    Though celebrating Valentine's Day has only become popular within the last few decades in Germany, there are several traditions the Germans have taken on whole-heartedly. This includes giving cards, sweet treats, gifts and flowers to their loved ones on this special day.

  • Souvenirs, souvenirs, souvenirs!


    As many of you are going through the PCS madness, I know- just about now, you are writing a mental list of last minute shopping trips of things to bring back to the states. Your parents want something from Germany, Auntie Maggie made sure to remind you on your last phone

  • Spring fairs in Stuttgart and Kaiserslautern


    With May come the big fairs with rides, games, beer tents and great food. The city of Stuttgart kicks off with the Fruehlingsfest on the Wasen, the big fairground in the city. In Kaiserslautern, one of the biggest fairgrounds in the Palatinian region opens its doors, the Lauterer May

  • Squirrel monkeys in the Wilhelma - triple babies on the sub-tropical terraces


    The squirrel monkeys at the Wilhelma are showing off their three little ones. Responsible is: Frenchman Illamp;, the current male, joined the little popular monkey group on the sub-tropical terraces, after moving here from the southern French zoo de La Barben. Now the first results

  • Stuttgart - History and interesting facts


    For all of you who are new to Stuttgart, or not just new to Stuttgart, but new to Germany – Welcome, to Germany and to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is not only my hometown, but, with over 620,000 residents, the largest city in the state of Baden-Wuertemberg. It is also the B-W

  • Swabian goodness at the “Zoam Schwoabentöpfle”


    Since we were visiting in the Stuttgart area, opportunity demanded a proper Swabian dinner. The Schwoabentöpfle was perfect for that occasion. Located on the outer skirts of Stuttgart, right by the public pool and soccer field, the restaurant offers a nice relaxing

  • Take the retro ride of a lifetime, before they all dissapear


    Since I started writing for the Together magazine, I have written about many different subjects. When my boss asked me to write about a recent Smithsonian article, I got majorly excited….. well, until I heard I will be writing about an elevator… What???

  • The 172nd Canstatter Volksfest


    The worldwide second largest beer fest is, right after the Oktoberfest, the Stuttgart or better the Cannstatter Volksfest. As every year, starting on Sept 22nd, 2017 until Oct 8th, 2017; it’s time to head to the "Wasen”.

  • The 5th season in Germany


    You may have noticed that stores are setting up party items, costumes and streamers. No, Germany is not having a blow out on Halloween costumes, but is preparing the high season of Karneval, Fasching or as Americans may know it, Mardi Grass. You

  • The 70th Annual “Fellbacher Herbst”, October 6th - 9th, 2017


    Copyright by:Joachim Schall ©

    The Cannstatt Volksfest is now coming to an end, and after two weeks of beer being sold by “Maß”, it’s about time for something new, don‘t you

  • The mild weather is inviting the meerkat triplets outside to play


    After the freezing temperatures, mild weather is finally on the radar and with that comes not only the bloom of the snowdrops.  We finally get to see the 3 new additions of the meerkats; peeking out of their holes at the Wilhelma. The

  • The Schwabengalerie in Stuttgart

    Schwabengalerie in Stuttgartis the perfect shopping destination for you, your family and your friends. Just one mile east of Stuttgart´s Patch Barracks, the Schwabengalerie is centrally located, easy to find, and has everything you could possibly

  • The Schwabengarten in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

    The Schwabengarten in Leinfelden-EchterdingenThe Schwabengarten in Leinfelden-Echterdingen is the biggest beer garden in the Stuttgart area. With its open-air atmosphere, fast and friendly service, food that is made-to-order, always fresh, fast and friendly—and with plenty of drinks, deserts and German goodies made available to

  • The Stuttgart Caravan, Motor and Touristic or CMT Trade fair


    If you are a passionate traveler, or just a weekend trip fan this fair is right up your alley and a must visit, for sure. Hosted by Stuttgart, you have a whole 9 days to check out the craziness, starting January 13th and ending on January 21st, 2018.

  • The Stuttgart Caravan, Motor and Touristic or CMT Trade fair


    If you are a passionate traveler, or just a weekend trip fan this fair is right up your alley and a must visit, for sure. Hosted by Stuttgart, you have a whole 9 days to check out the craziness, starting January 11th and ending on January 19th, 2020.

  • The Stuttgart Fernsehturm (TV Tower)

    The Stuttgart Fernsehturm (TV Tower)The Stuttgart TV Tower started its service in 1956, it was the first of its kind and it has since been an example for other towers which were built worldwide. During its construction period, the project Stuttgart

  • The Stuttgart Maredo - a great restaurant for meat lovers


    I have been getting a lot of requests over Facebook, of where to take the family out to dinner for those special holidays coming up…or at any time really. So, I decided to stop by the Maredo Steakhouse in the center of Stuttgart, on the Lange Street cornering Kronprinzstreet.

  • The Stuttgart Ninja warrior challenge competition


    We, from the Together Magazine, are super excited to be able to present this awesome event to you all!

    Our partner, the Sprungbude, is hosting a Ninja challenge night for all American personnel and families stationed in the area. The ninja warrior challenge will be featuring 4

  • The Stuttgart Weindorf – wine village


    For 12 days Stuttgart will be celebrating wine and great food. Local specialties, sweets and over 250 different wines are there to represent the area.

  • The Stuttgart Wilhema is showing of its prettiest side


    Spring is moving in quickly at the Wilhelma: The nice weather has caused the blossoms of the Azalea to literally explode inside the historic green house and in the Moorish Garden the first blossoms of the Magnolia trees have started to open.

  • The Stuttgart Zoo, Wilhelma, one of the most beloved zoos in Germany


    The Stuttgart zoo is one of the largest and well-known zoos within Germany, it draws in over 2.1 million visitors every year. The park covers an area of almost 70 acres, about the size of 40 football fields and is bordered by the Neckar river and

  • The undead in Germany


    Today, we know zombies are a thing of imagination, seen only on TV shows and in movies. Really, the only ones scared of them these days are probably little kids. However, for our ancestors here in Germany, that fear was a very real one.

  • The Wilhelma is Blooming


    Copyright by:Harald Knitter/Wilhelma ©

    Spring is moving in quickly at the Wilhelma; the milder weather has caused the blossoms of the Azaleas to literally explode inside

  • Ticks in Germany


    Ticks are widely spread all over Europe and especially Germany. Ticks themselves are not dangerous, yes, they bite… but the bite itself isn’t any worse then a mosquito bite. What makes the ticks so dangerous is that they carry diseases and pass them on to their host.

  • Tips and tricks to live through the big move overseas


    Living in Europe, traveling, seeing the old world…these are usually the visions families have when getting the news of a new duty station overseas. But then reality hits and there it is, the pile of “what to do next” and “how to do that”. Thankfully the internet has made things much

  • US weekend at the Schwabengarten (date changed!)


    Germans love a good party, and even more so when great food is involved. This weekend the Schwabengarten is hosting a special party. A party to celebrate all that makes America great and to show some appreciation to our American friends!

  • Village Festivals


    During the warm summer months and especially during summer break, Germans have festivals and celebrations all over. Particularly popular are village or town celebrations.  The festivals are usually hosted by the city, while in smaller communities, clubs and villages get

  • Welcome to the biggest party in Stuttgart this year!

    Cannstatter VolksfestThe Stuttgarter or more specifically Canstatter Volksfest is one of the largest beer festivals, second only to the Oktoberfest in Munich. Even the Stuttgart natives don’t say they are going “to the festival” (auf´s Volksfest) but instead say they are

  • When Grandma had to fix it


    Frankfurt Bonobo baby is finding a family at the Wilhelma. When Grandma had to fix it. Hopes are that the reunion with his grannie Kombote will be the fix for the little Bonobo from Frankfurt. Xhosa will receive his second chance to grow up with his kind in the zoologic-botanical

  • You love good food and wine?


    Then the Stuttgarter Weindorf (Stuttgart Wine Village) is a must.

    It is one of the finest wine festivals in Germany with regional specialties and a wide selection of excellent regional wines from Wuerttemberg and Baden.        

    On the Stuttgarter

  • Youngest Bongo calf is exploring the outside for the first time


    The Bongos in the Wilhelma seem to be enjoying their enclosure, that was renovated in 2016, very much. Those extremely rare forest antelopes, here in the Stuttgart zoologic-botanic garden, had a baby again this year…just like 2017. Mother Asante gave birth to a calf on March

  • Zwiebelkuchen and Federweisser


    As you may have noticed, there are little stands and booths popping up all over the place, especially at grocery stores or at your local farmers markets. They are advertising “neuer Wein”, “Federweisser” or “neuer Suesser” and it all really means the

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