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  • Be safe in the water


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    The hot summer months are fast approaching, and one of the most popular things to do in Germany is spending those days at one of the many pools or lakes.

  • Geocaching, the world’s largest treasure hunt


    There are so many different ways to explore the outdoors or the historic cities in Germany. If you like riddles and treasure hunts, then becoming part of the geocaching community might be just the thing for you.

  • Not only jumping jacks at the SPRUNGBUDE!


    The people that know me would probably all agree that I am not a work out kind of girl… so let’s just say I was more than surprised when I was told to check out a fitness place… oh dear, poor me. So, off I went to see what the big hype was about.

  • Stuttgart USO´s 25th Annual Golf Tournament

    Stuttgart USO´s 25th Annual Golf TournamentThis past July the USO Stuttgart held its 25th annual Golf Tournament at Golf Club Hammetweil (4 Stars) in Neckartenzlingen. This tournament is not only meant to provide a little bit of recreation and entertainment for service members and their families—it helps to strengthen the bond

  • The Euro Cup 2016 “Public Viewings"

    With the Union of European Football Associations European Soccer Championship OR The Euro Cup // Europäische Meisterschaft (EM) starting this June, you might hear or see the term "Public Viewing" quite frequently. You might hear/see this on the radio, at a bar, a

  • The Stuttgart Ninja warrior challenge competition


    We, from the Together Magazine, are super excited to be able to present this awesome event to you all!

    Our partner, the Sprungbude, is hosting a Ninja challenge night for all American personnel and families stationed in the area. The ninja warrior challenge will be featuring 4

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