Rhine Fall is a year-round, freely-accessible attraction; be sure to check opening hours, as they can change with the season.

Rhine Fall Schaffhausen opening hours and prices: http://www.rheinfall.ch/en

After the Rhine has left Lake Constance, it rushes through the heights of Schaffhausen with a loud noise and white spray over rugged rock faces down the edges. Platforms and ships transport delighted visitors by the masses to experience the largest waterfall in Europe.

How to Get There:

If you only visit is to Rhine fall, there is paid parking for you. But if you are already here, you should also visit Schaffhausen with its local sights and beautiful city center. If traveling into the city, we recommend to park right in the city right at the train station. The underground garage may cost more relative to where you are, but the Rhine Fall will only be minutes by bus or train. After a city stroll, you'll certainly be glad to have your car just around the corner - if only to drop off your shopping bags.

If traveling by train, there are two different stations which you can use to visit the Rhine Fall - one to the left and once to the right side of the Rhine. Both sides offer their own attractions to experience the roaring river. The first station is Neuhausen Rheinfall, the other being Schloss Laufen.

We chose Neuhausen Rheinfall, which is located on the Schaffhausen site. From here it is a small footpath down into the valley. Alternatively, there is an elevator to take you to the valley, but we recommend the path, which has steps to descend directly to the Rhine Fall. The path takes you close to where everything happens, giving you a marvelous first impression of the huge waterfall. This path is also free of charge, as well as the entire bank from where you have a perfect view of the Rhine Fall. Here is also the little castle Wörth with a restaurant and the pier from where the boat trips start.

There is a total of six different boat trips. From a simple boat trip from one side of the Rhine to the other that goes directly to Rhine Fall. There are long and short tours, as well as combination tickets, which can save you money in the long run. One of which even includes the entrance to Schloss Laufen.

We decided for a small combination tour, costs 13 CHF. This tour included a small boat trip very close to the Rhine Fall (15 minutes) plus a further boat trip up to the Mittelfelsen where we can get off and climb the platform at the very top. We can't recommend this tour highly enough!

After we were on the water, we walk back along the Rhine and continue to the other side of the Rhine through the railroad bridge, where you reach Schloss Laufen. Located here is parking, a restaurant with beer garden, and an adventure trail down to the Rhine Fall.

For a minimal fee, you can see the different platforms that tower over the Rhine Fall. Afterwards, an elevator takes you up again - if you do not want to go back by train right away, because here is also the train station "Schloss Laufen".

The whole tour can also be arranged from another direction. If you first arrive at Schloss Laufen, you do not necessarily have to go up to the cash registers, but you can also buy a ticket downstairs for the lift upstairs.

Overall, the Rhine Fall is a wonderful trip destination for the whole family and can also be combined in a short holiday around Lake Constance.