Schaffhausen is a beautiful city with a vault cellar right in the city center. Located right next to the train station starts the inner city of Schaffhausen. In addition to cusps, old buildings and their facades, the old facility Munot located right next to the Rhine Fall which offers a secret highlight.

The Rhine Fall isn't the only worth-while thing here. Schaffhausen itself is a very beautiful city with sights and some surprises! Cross one street directly from the train station and you're in the city center. Beautiful, well-preserved buildings, bay windows, and facades characterize the overall image of the city center. In addition to numerous shops, there are also a few restaurants, bars and cafes to unwind from the hustle and bustle.

Having arrived at the market square with its fountain, we leave the town center behind us and go to an old monastery where we can admire the freely-accessible courtyards. There you can enjoy the peace amongst the wealth of greenery and an herb garden. But don't stay too long - there's a great city to explore.

Situated on a hill is s the city's landmark, Munot. Dating back to the 16th century, it is a large, round building with a tower directly in the center of town. Nowadays it serves as a venue for theater performances and concerts. We now walk up the many steps through the vines, pass through the entrance gate and are overwhelmed. We would never have expected such a large vaulted cellar up here! Nine huge columns bear the vaulted cellar. Sunlight penetrates from above through the light shafts. The sight and the pleasant coolness in the summer lets us linger here longer. After a short breather, we head into the tower which includes the spiral-shaped path upwards without stairs. At the top is a large area with a small stage, seating, free drinking water from a tap, and even free toilets. All of this add to the magnificent view of Schaffhausen and the surrounding area.

We descend down the other side of the mountain. After crossing the castle moat and passing the Rosengarten to the right and a game trail to the left, we return to the city. At the train station, we finally take the bus and drive a few stops down to the Rhine Fall which should not be omitted!

Being limited on time, we realized Schaffhausen has so much to offer. A perfect starting point to experience Schaffhausen and the sights is the Arcona Living Hotel conveniently located right next to the train station.