CMT, with more than 2,000 exhibitors, will be presenting holiday ideas, the most beautiful travel destinations from around the globe, and the largest novelty show for camping and caravanning. This is the right way to the start of the season,  and there will be a tourism entertainment program as well.  Special travel themes will be covered on their own during both weekends, topics include cycling, golf, wellness, cruise ships and culture.

A lot of newcomers ask themselves, what can I do during my free time here in Germany? What is there to do in my local area, and where can I spend my days off, my weekends, or go on vacation?  What are the most interessting things to do here in Germany? Well, 2 out of the 9 exhibition halls are designated to tourism here in Germany. Many of Germany's most famous cities and regions show their interesting travel destinations here—and there is something for everyone, like castles, monastaries, medieval cities, parks, and even wellness destinations. In one day you could discover many interesting future destinations. Most of the booths will also have information and programs  available to you in English.

Open Daily from 10:00 until 18:00.

Day pass

Adults older than 16  (incl. public transportation VVS)   online: 13,00 €

Reduced Day Pass

Students, Retirees, Handicapped, children 6 – 15 (incl. public transportation) online 10,00 €

Family Tickets

Max. 2 adults and their children up to the age of 15 (children under 6 are free) online 28,00 € (incl. public transportation VVS)

Tickets online:

A lot of newcomers are wondering what to do on our days off in in new sorroundings. What is there interesting to do on a day off, a weekend or even for a week of vacation. 2 of the 9 exhibion halls are designated to tourism in Germany. Cities and regions showing interesting travel destinations. There is something for everybody like castles, closterys, midevel cities. Parks and wellness destinations. One day can cover many interesting issues/destinations. Most of the booths have englsh information available.

Picture copyright Stuttgart Messe