Surprised? Yes, even Germany has beaches. I know it’s a well-hidden secret. Since most Americans are kind of concentrated in the center and south of Germany, the North is often left out. But that’s just where the oceans are at. 

Germany has two coast lines, each very different from the other one. If you prefer sunbathing, warm water and heat, the Baltic sea with its beaches is for you. The beaches on the North Sea are more rugged and the climate is cooler.  

The North Sea has much to offer, charming little islands, the Wadden Sea, the flair unique to the North. The Baltic Sea has been the vacation destination for all of East Germany for decades. East Germans that weren’t allowed to travel to places like Spain or Italy, headed to the Baltic beaches. To this day there are large hotel complexes that lay abandoned along the coastlines.   

So, if you are lacking summer, sun and beaches, check out this list we have compiled for you:

The Baltic Isle of Ruegen: 

It is Germany’s largest island and also one of Germany’s sunniest places. Miles and miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful piers and seaside resorts built back in the 1800’s. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation. It is also home to one of Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage sites and the Jasmund National Park.  
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The Isle of Sylt: 

Sylt itself is a skinny island in the North Sea. It is a popular hang out for the German high society with prices to match.  There are beautiful sandy beaches, grand resorts and picturesque Strandkoerbe (wicker basket chairs, typical for the North Sea beaches) lined up on the shore waiting for travelers.  
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The Isle of Juist: 

Juist is one of the Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea; the locals lovingly call it Toewerland (magic land in the local dialect).  Not only does Juist have miles and miles of sandy beaches, it is also right on the Wadden Sea, where you can experience the tides and walk out on what normally is the bottom of the sea. Juist is also home to seal colonies that can be observed.  
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Sankt Peter-Ording 

One of the many health resorts in Germany. This city sits right on the coast of the North Sea. Sankt Peter-Ording offers lots of different touristy hang outs like the water park Duenen-Therme, the seal rescue station or the light house. The sandy beach is huge with lots of room to do some serious sand castle construction. While the water may not always be warm enough to swim in and the stiff breeze from the sea can be chilling, it is still a great spot for families to vacation at.  
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While there are many more beaches along the coasts, those have to be the nicest. Both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are popular holiday locations and have so much more then just beaches to offer. So, it is well worth it to plan your trip smartly, incorporate amusement parks, the large safari park and some of the many outdoor and indoor museums in the area. Each region also has their unique culinary specialties and, of course, lots of fresh seafood.  

Why don’t you head out to check them out!?!