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Youngest Bongo calf is exploring the outside for the first time

The Bongos in the Wilhelma seem to be enjoying their enclosure, that was renovated in 2016, very much. Those extremely rare forest antelopes, here in the Stuttgart zoologic-botanic garden, had a baby again this year…just like 2017. Mother Asante gave birth to a calf on March 16th. Daughter Amarie carefully set her hoofs on the outdoor enclosure for the very first time this week. There are only about 100 east African Bongos left in the wild, they exclusively exist in Kenia.

Lively lambs, kids and piglets at the exhibition farm

Feisty or quiet: the newly arrived offspring at the exhibition farm of the Wilhelm is fit as a fiddle. In the last ten days lambs and kids were born on an almost daily basis.

That makes the eight five-week old piglets, of the Schwaebisch-Haellisch pigs, almost preteens within all the newborn animals. They are loudly keeping their mom Arielle busy and Daddy Porsche, who was previously irritated by all the fuss off the little ones, grew into a chill father. He is enduring the frisky little ones climbing all over him and doesn’t budge when they playfully nibble on his large flappy ears. Visitors can enjoy an entertaining spectacle watching this special breed of hogs, that is easily distinguished by their black torso and the pink head and backside.

Minister opens new Snow Leopard enclosure in the Stuttgart Wilhelma during celebration

The Snow Leopards at the Wilhelma have something great to look forward to: the zoologic-botanical garden in Stuttgart built a beautiful large outdoor areal on a steep slope, exclusively for the climbing enthusiastic cats. Edith Sitzmann, the finance minister of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, formally opened the new enclosure in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart on Monday March 26th, 2018.

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