Do you want to experience a nice day with the family?

Fun, adventure, interesting facts, tranquility, shopping, and enjoyment. All that can be found at the Landesgartenschau in Öhringen! For the adults, there are suggestions for your own garden, gardens that delight the eye, music and a beach bar that invite you to relax. For children there are several playgrounds, hands-on activities and a climbing course with Flying Fox (attraction).

Entrance fees

From the highway you can quickly reach the town of Öhringen. Just follow the signs to the car park. A day ticket for parking amounts to 3.50 Euros. The ticket prices for the horticultural show itself are as follows:

Adult day ticket: 16.50 Euro
Children (6 - 17 years): 4.50 Euro
Family ticket small: 20.00 Euro (1 adult with any number of their own children)
Family ticket large: 36.00 Euro (2 adults with any number of their own children)


The garden show area consists of three different areas which are connected. Likewise, there are different entrance areas where most the cash desks can be found. We recommend the circular route starting at the castle. Follow the signs from the car park to the entrance. We decided for the detour through the historic city center which is also sign posted. Beautiful half-timbered houses and small shops and cafes invite you to linger. However, there is hardly the time for it and after all, we want to explore the garden show.

The sign posted path leads you directly to the"Stiftskirche" (church) and the cash desks in front of the castle. With our tickets we used the entrance through the castle and got a stamp on the hand and then were in the midst of the action. The first attraction is located directly below the church in the vaulted cellar. Various floral arrangements are to be discovered there.

We continued exploring the outside area. A wide park lies ahead. To the right you will see flower beds and a small play area for children in the garden of generations. Also on the premises, there is a small stage with a cafe and terrace and a little further, a small lake with a vivarium and aviary close by. Another great venue can be found here as well. Underneath the road walking along the small river Ohrn, we finally reached the exit of the first area. We followed the path along the Ohrn and entered the next area.

Cappelrain / Cappelaue

We showed our hand with the stamp and were allowed to pass the entrance. The first area impresses with another event area and a skating rink. A viewing tower can be climbed for 1 Euro. Under the viewing tower, there is an obstacle course with varying degrees of difficulty. Then you can conquer two Flying Fox rope slides. You are secured at all times by a safety rope. It was fun for adults when we visited. It costs 8 Euros for two hours of climbing time.

If you like it rather quiet, take a seat in one of the deck chairs and enjoy the sun while your feet bask in the sand. A cold beer cannot be missed.

On the opposite side, there is the same scenario on a green meadow with palm trees and free Wi-Fi.

The path continues through the enchanted forest with all sorts of characters, luminous flowers and sculptures.An open area then stretched out before us. We were in the Cappelaue. On the right side, the Experimenta Museum shows its best side. This hands-on museum located in Heilbronn is on the exhibition grounds in order to show a few exhibits from its permanent collection. Participation and experimentation is called for here.

Here we recommend to walk upon the hill and to take the exit. A path also leads to a lookout tower which is free. Here you can learn interesting facts about the "Limes", a piece of German history. The view over the extensive hilly countryside is just as worthwhile.

Back again, we showed again our stamp and were allowed back on the site. Again to the right, there is a vineyard, which is recommended for wine lovers. For children, the next highlight is the installation of a small train. Two trains can be seen here. Who now fancies coffee and cake, this may be acquired right next door at the café run by the rural woman. The special thing here is that there are no fixed prices; you donate what seems appropriate. We crossed the Unterohrn river and admired here the gardens. Watercourses, hedges, stone materials and grill stations give inspiration. In the background, you can hear the music from the Sparkasse stage.


The last and smallest area is called the Hofgut. Here we did not need to show again our stamps as this area is separated by a road to another area and connected for visitors with a bridge.

Guests will discover beautiful buildings, a small lake and a craft market. Furthermore there is a small market with pretty souvenirs for your loved ones at home. Those who want to can grab a bite to eat here.

We bought something and headed back to the exit at the castle.

We spent most of the day at the Landesgartenschau. It is definitely worth a visit.