This year Stuttgart’s beloved jeweler Ruth Sellack is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of opening her store front in the Eberhardstrasse in Stuttgart. While it was just a short move distance-wise, the team was finally able to establish themselves in a place that was designed to fit their needs. They got a workspace and sales floor with lots of light as well as great views and contemporary style to showcase the work and artisanship that Ruth puts into all her pieces. It matches both her work methods and her interaction with customers and jewelry enthusiasts, as she is known to always be on the lookout for new inspiration and shapes.

Ruth Sellack’s passion for precious metals and gemstones has been there from the very beginning, when she started her apprenticeship in 1981 with the company Dorothea Tilgner und Juwelier Scharner. After studying at the drawing academy Hanau, she then acquired her Master craftsman degree.
Her hard work, passion and dedication paid off, and today she is one of the most prominent jewelers in the Stuttgart area. Ruth has also won several awards like the “German Design Award Special 2019” in the category “Excellent Product Design.”
Ruth places a lot of emphasis on making sure her materials come from conflict-free regions and ensures that her metals and gems are of the highest quality.
So, if you are on the look out for a special gift, one that is extraordinary and gives you that “one of a kind” vibe, this is your place to be. Invest in a piece that is created with passion and right here in the heart of Stuttgart.