The Schwabengarten in Leinfelden-EchterdingenThe Schwabengarten in Leinfelden-Echterdingen is the biggest beer garden in the Stuttgart area. With its open-air atmosphere, fast and friendly service, food that is made-to-order, always fresh, fast and friendly—and with plenty of drinks, deserts and German goodies made available to you…what more could you want?

Maybe, a dog friendly beer garden? That has various doggy water stations throughout the beer garden? Check.

Lots of secure space to park your car or your bike? Check.

Maybe an indoor seating area as well if the weather isn't as nice? Check: The “Alm” has over 200 indoor seating spaces and an adorably eclectic Bavarian charm.

Maybe, you'd like to save 19% off your next meal? Check.

The Schwabengarten was one of the first locations to accept the Together card, a pre-paid meal card that works with the VAT form saving you 19 percent off of every snack, drink, or meal that you have at the Schwabengarten.

Also, no need to clear the table after you're done—they'll gladly do that for you.

Okay, I get what you’re saying, maybe you don't feel like sitting down and having a meal, maybe you're really just in the mood for some great take-out? No problem, the Schwabengarten now offers you food to go in eco-friendly, take-away boxes so you can enjoy your meal at home.

Throughout the year the Schwabengarten will also host various live bands and public events—their number one goal: to make sure that you have a great time, and a great meal, no matter the day or occasion.  So go and enjoy a delicious beer, have some schnitzel or a “Ries'n Hax'n”, a pretzel, some ice cream, French fries, cake—whatever you want, there is no shortage of goodies for you to choose from.

To top things off: everything is freshly prepared with produce received from regional farmers and factories that you can trust. Schwabengarten is the family and pet friendly beer garden in the Stuttgart region, and it's definitely worth the short drive.

We stopped by last summer, gave the pups some fresh water (and a little, tiny bit of my orange popsicle), and had a lovely meal in the sun before heading back home. It was such a fun, relaxing atmosphere; if we'd had the time, we would have stayed longer—and I'm already looking forward to our next trip.

You can also host your event at the Schwabengarten! There's plenty of space to have a great party.