I have been getting a lot of requests over Facebook, of where to take the family out to dinner for those special holidays coming up…or at any time really. So, I decided to stop by the Maredo Steakhouse in the center of Stuttgart, on the Lange Street cornering Kronprinzstreet. I sat down to talk with the Manager Mr. Uwe Mack and enquired about their opening hours during the Christmas and New Year’s season. He replied that they only really close the place up for Christmas Eve to make sure the employees get to spend the 24th of December with their families. December 25th (Christmas Day) and the 26th (Boxing Day) they are open. That goes for New Year’s as well.  Many of the family-owned businesses are usually closed over the holidays.

He was showing off his new menu and invited me to stop by for a test dinner. So, I asked my close friend Hans-Peter, or HP, how we have all come to call him, to join me for some food and good conversation. Since HP has quite a thing for beef and delicious steaks, he was happy to tag along. We arrived Thursday evening at 7pm, after parking our cars in the parking garage right next to the restaurant…how convenient! If you don’t feel like paying for parking, the Maredo is easily reached via public transport; the S-Bahn stop Stadtmitte, or the city tram (U-Bahn) stop Rotebuehlplatz are not far from the restaurant.

The head waitress Nina was already expecting us and accompanied us to our reserved table. The restaurant was quite busy but service was still very speedy, so our drinks arrived in no time. Nina returned to the table soon after and explained to us all the different options and steaks they had on the menu. HP went for the Tomahawk Steak, cut from an Irish Black Angus beef and I decided on the prime rib – a dry-aged, on-the-bone cut of beef.

As appetizers we both choose the salad bar. The selection offered was huge, everything from tomato- mozzarella, assorted leafy salads or vegetable salads to hard-boiled eggs were available.

Soon after we finished our greens, the steaks arrived. Neither of us had ever seen a steak as large as that Tomahawk steak they set on the table! Both steaks were cooked to the point, perfect medium. They were juicy, tender and tasted great. As side dishes we had corn on the cob, mushrooms and some more salad. But of course, they offer much more like baked potatoes or fries. We almost were not able to finish our portions; it was so much food!

After we had finished the main course, Nina returned and checked if we were up for some dessert. There is always room for ice cream, and you really can’t argue with that. She urged us to try the lava cake. So, what gives… lava cake, here I come…My friend HP decided on a single scoop of walnut ice cream – since he did have the much bigger steak after all.

My verdict on the restaurant?

The food is delicious, service moves quickly and the staff is super friendly. Maredo is also very child friendly and offers a nice-sized play area for smaller kids. They also give out coloring placemats and colored pencils for entertainment. The salad bar offers an unbelievable selection of salads and dressings, and the quality of the meat is outstanding.

I would advice you to make reservations, especially on evenings and weekends. You can just call them at: 0711-221404. During the summer months, they have a nice outside seating area and AC inside the restaurant. Like I mentioned, it is easily reachable by public transport and, of course, had parking right by the establishment. We will return for sure.