Since we were visiting in the Stuttgart area, opportunity demanded a proper Swabian dinner. The Schwoabentöpfle was perfect for that occasion. Located on the outer skirts of Stuttgart, right by the public pool and soccer field, the restaurant offers a nice relaxing flair.

For sunny days there is a huge outdoor patio with large umbrellas to provide shade, and there is a little playground for the kids to play. During the cooler seasons, the large dining room, with rustic bar, is very inviting. Several large booths with big tables and comfortable benches complete the look.

Since it was a beautiful, warm day, we opted to sit out on the patio.

The friendly waitress was there right away to enquire about drinks and hand out menus. The place offers a great selection of German dishes and lots of local specialties. They have seasonal specials with lots of fresh regional ingredients and also offer a good assortment of the traditional German dishes like Schnitzel and the like.

We ordered our drinks and decided on some intriguing appetizers and main courses.  The drinks arrived promptly, and we enjoyed the relaxed setting. For our appetizers we had decided on one of the seasonal salads and fresh sourdough bread with lard and onions. We did not have to wait long, and the food looked and smelled delicious. The salad was perfectly dressed, and the plate was beautifully arranged. The slices of bread were served ready to eat and tasted delicious, the perfect blend of salty and tangy.

For our main courses, we had cordon bleu with fries, pork loin with spaetzle and cheese spaetzle. The food was arranged nicely on the little cast iron pans on wooden boards, and to order a side of brown gravy for the cordon bleu was no issue at all. The service was outstanding and friendly, and they even checked in on us while we dug in. The food was made fresh, portion size was more than plenty and after tasting each other’s selections, we all agreed, very tasty.

After the main course, I decided to take a little excursion around the restaurant, checked out their interior, the soccer field and stopped at the restroom. Everything was inviting and clean.

After all the savory food, we settled on something sweet to finish with. While the hubby enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, I tried the fried apple rings with vanilla ice cream….so good.

We finished the evening off by just sitting and chatting while enjoying the atmosphere before slowly packing up and heading home. The Schwoabentöpfle makes the perfect stop for a casual dinner. Relaxing, no rush and down-to-earth with a great selection of delicious food. Two thumbs up for us!