We tested Stuttgarts steak restaurants for you. The same question keeps popping up on the Facebook pages and groups, “Where do they serve great steaks?” We checked out 3 restaurants and really would like to recommend you one of them.

The first restaurant was in the vicinity of the city tram stop Rathaus. It was a pretty hot July evening with over 90°F (32°C) and I was out in Stuttgart with a bunch of friends from Luxembourg. Everyone enjoyed their food, the meat was great – but the establishment had no AC- and the heat was terrible. We did check with our waiter if their air conditioner was broken, and his reply was, “we don’t have one and the large grill heats up the place even more”. We almost left instantly.

The second steakhouse I tried is close to the city tram stop Rotebühlplatz, right in the center of town. The restaurant is furnished with high grade furniture with a modern ambience and has a huge outside seating area. The steak is served on a hot stone; along with either all you can eat house salad or home fries. The meat is of great quality; it is just quickly seared and then placed on the hot stone. You then move the steak to a “cool stone” and cut off small slices that you return onto the hot stone to finish cooking. You can trade in your hot stone, for a new hot stone, if it gets too cold. I did ask for another hot stone, wich came out swiftly so I could finish roasting my steak. The whole thing is a pretty cool idea, but I go out to enjoy a steak cooked to my wishes, and not to cook it myself and do the chef’s job. The biggest surprise for me wasn’t until after dinner, I am sure I am not the only one that was a bit shocked, when I went to the restroom to wash my hands and noticed my shirt was splattered with grease stains all over from the cooking. I ended up having to run home to get changed.

The third restaurant and the one I would like to really recommend is the Maredo. There are two Maredo restaurants in Stuttgart- one in the Königstraße and 1x in the Lange Straße. Both restaurants have central AC and a terrace to sit outside. The Maredo at the Lange Straße has a little party room that fits 15 covers- for larger groups they offer to reserve sections of the
restaurants to the party guests only. The restaurant is set up elegantly with lots of plants and wood. They accept all major credit cards and have an English menu. On top of that, the Stuttgart Maredo will offer a 10% off your bill coupon starting in September – just clip or print the coupon and hand it to your waitress before ordering.

I decided on a T-bone steak with a vegetable skewer, and a side salad, after checking out the menu. I was able to fix my salad to my wishes, of the wide selection on the salad bar. The meat was served along with vegetables on a large rectangular platter and was perfectly cooked to medium. I was stunned by the amount of food, wondering who would be able to finish it all. The quality of the meat was excellent, but I did not care for the yellow squash that was served along with the veggie skewers. Sadly I was not able to try one of their desserts, I was stuffed. Everything else was outstanding, service was quick and friendly and I finished my visit with a yummy Cappuccino. I will be back, that’s for sure!