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Christmas Garden Stuttgart Grand Opening

“The magical journey begins at dusk” - that’s the theme the Wilhelma will go by when the Christmas Garden Stuttgart opens their doors to visitors on November 15th.

This last Saturday was the long-awaited grand opening of the Christmas Garden at the Stuttgart Wilhelma zoo and botanical garden. Since the last Together Magazine edition ran with the Christmas garden as cover story, we were invited. We met up a bit early to scout out the set up and soon enough quite a crowd gathered anxiously waiting for the officials to show.

There was a nice set up with delicious finger foods, appetizers and drinks that we were able to enjoy.

After a few speeches by the creators, the zoo representatives and the hosts, the official countdown started. At 7 pm, with a great round of applause and cheers, the Stuttgart Christmas Garden opened its gates!


Halloween at the Wilhelma

Creepy, haunted hour with spooky spirits

hen giant spiders build their nets, pale skeletons hide behind bushes, then it is time for the creepiest day at the Wilhelma. Witches, vampires and ghosts are taking over leadership at the zoological- botanical garden in Stuttgart on October 31st. it is their mission to spread a spooky good time in the historic garden.

Star Wars has touched down in Stuttgart!!

After a grueling flight across the galaxy, passing rebel bases and a quick pit stop on Tatooine the long-awaited X-Wing and the infamous TIE fighter have finally landed in the Messe area in Stuttgart. When the pilots deboarded, they came across a group of Ghostbusters and then met up with the Power Rangers to head off for a quick lunch.

All the while, out back Chuck Norris is having an interesting discussion about White Walkers with Jamie Lannister and Euron Greyjoy. Jemma Simmons from S.H.I.E.L.D.  is working her charm to recruit Colossus, a proper X-Men to her team….

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