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Surprise Mom and Dad with a trip back in time!!!

The German Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, perfect time for a little day trip. Gondwana, das Praehistorium is offering an amazing deal to celebrate those special holidays with your favorite dinosaur specialist. On Thursday May 10th, German Father’s Day, the entrance fee for dad is free if a child (over 4 years of age) accompanies them to Gondwana, and on May 13th Mother’s Day, the entrance fee for mom is free if a child (over 4 years of age) is accompanying them

Medieval Christmas Magic in Esslingen

Christmas markets are one of the most popular attractions during the winter month in Germany. Every larger city has one and everyone has their own little perks. One of the most charming markets has to be the medieval Christmas market in Esslingen. The market is located right in the old center of town and surrounded by medieval half-timbered houses built anywhere from the 13th to the 16th century. The stream that heads through the town with is little bridges just adds to the feeling. Actors and performers are dressed in the era appropriate garb, making the illusion nearly perfect. The market was visited by over one million eager time travelers last year, why not join them?

Filderkraut Party!!

Copyright by: Markus Schwarz ©

It is well known that Germany celebrates all kinds of harvests, the wine harvests, apple harvests, even pumpkin harvests. Like every proper celebration, with the harvest fests come the naming of the king or queen, like our wine queens.

The 70th Annual “Fellbacher Herbst”, October 6th - 9th, 2017

Copyright by: Joachim Schall ©

The Cannstatt Volksfest is now coming to an end, and after two weeks of beer being sold by “Maß”, it’s about time for something new, don‘t you agree? Following the lines of this little bit of Swabian advice “Wein nach Bier, das rat ich dir!”, which means something along the lines of “Wine after beer and you‘re in the clear”, the Fellbacher Herbst festival starts on the second weekend of October, and the last weekend of the Volksfest. The Fellbacher Herbst is one of the largest Thanksgiving and wine festivals of the region, and it is expected to draw in around 200,000 visitors over the course of 4 days—which is understandable because this festival has a lot to offer, for those big and small!

The 172nd Canstatter Volksfest

The worldwide second largest beer fest is, right after the Oktoberfest, the Stuttgart or better the Cannstatter Volksfest. As every year, starting on Sept 22nd, 2017 until Oct 8th, 2017; it’s time to head to the "Wasen”.

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