Germans love a good party, and even more so when great food is involved. This weekend the Schwabengarten is hosting a special party. A party to celebrate all that makes America great and to show some appreciation to our American friends!

You may wonder what Germans consider typical American and what needs to be part of an American party to make it awesome.

The Schwabengarten is really working their magic, even the tables are decked out in red, white and blue. The Star-Spangled banner is going to be there to represent the free spirit of our friends overseas. The party is starting Saturday Sept 21th going on till Sunday Sept 22th. Live music starts at 6pm on Saturday and at 3pm on Sunday.

Saturday evening is the perfect time to relax and chill out to some good music. At 6pm the live music will be starting. On Saturday, the Schwabengarten will be hosting the “BIKO & The Damaged Labour Horns”, along with its square dance show.

On Sunday the Schwabengarten is starting off earlier, the live music is beginning at 3pm. And if you are from the Midwest, this will be the day you shouldn’t miss. The “Pete Stone Band” is playing until 8pm. Pete has been dubbed the “Voice of country music” by the German press and knows all the classics by heart. So, bring your cowboy boots! Dancing is encouraged.

One of the things America is best known for, is their barbeques and smoked meats. The Schwabengarden is making sure to be featuring all of your favorites, like burgers, wings, pulled pork and spare ribs.

Even the little ones will be entertained, with bull riding and the ever-popular playground at the Schwabengarten.

This weekend, the beer garden will transform into the 51st state of the good ol’ USA, so head on over for a taste of home. It will be the perfect ending to a great summer!

CYA at the Schwabengarten!!