The German Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, perfect time for a little day trip. Gondwana, das Praehistorium is offering an amazing deal to celebrate those special holidays with your favorite dinosaur specialist. On Thursday May 10th, German Father’s Day, the entrance fee for dad is free if a child (over 4 years of age) accompanies them to Gondwana, and on May 13th Mother’s Day, the entrance fee for mom is free if a child (over 4 years of age) is accompanying them

If you haven’t heard of Gondwana yet, this is the perfect opportunity to go check it out. Located in the state of Saarland, this interactive museum is really one of a kind here in Germany. The large compound is set up to guide you through ancient times and places, immerse you into a life that has since disappeared. Be amazed by these giant “terrible lizards” dinosaurs and learn about their habits, surroundings and how they lived. Be amazed by gripping movies that tell you all about the beginning of life here on our home planet. The many stations on the trip through the millennials of Earth keep you informed on everything that was changing on our planet during that period.

After the dinosaurs, you are able to take a second trip through our own evolution and visit special periods throughout humankinds comparably short history.

After the tours, feel free to stop in our huge indoor playground for some fun time or you can finish off the day with a yummy treat at Gondi’s restaurant.

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