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It is well known that Germany celebrates all kinds of harvests, the wine harvests, apple harvests, even pumpkin harvests. Like every proper celebration, with the harvest fests come the naming of the king or queen, like our wine queens.

Leinfelden-Echterdingen celebrates its harvest too, and their celebration is all about cabbage. The area is famous for the well-known Filderkraut, a pointed or sweetheart cabbage, a local specialty. On the third weekend in October, the city opens its gates to the annual Filderkrautfest. Where you can partake or watch the world-championships in cabbage slicing, find the heaviest head of cabbage, or just watch cabbage being carried around. And you can meet the Cabbage king and queen.

The 39th Krautfest is happening on the weekend of the 13th till the 15th of October this year. Visitors get to look forward to lovingly decorated booths and gazebos, streets and plazas adorned with fall decorations. Indulge in the local culinary specialties in cozy barns, beer tents and in our many local restaurants and pubs.

One of the great things about this fest is that it is not ran by a big event hosting company, but organized by our very own clubs and organizations, giving it that local community feel. The volunteers of the many shops and stores offer a great event program along with a long Saturday shopping day (till 8pm) and an open Sunday (1pm till 6pm) for shopping. Additionally to that, there are many stages that will offer great life music. If you are a fan of old cars, be sure to check out the Spitzkraut classics, the cars start out at the Bahnhofsstreet and head through Leinfelden. There will be several dedicated parking areas for the old timers, vintage tractors, and motorcycles and antique bikes, a great opportunity to check them out and make some new friends!

With all of that, it is easy to forget the main focus of the party, the cabbage! So, make sure to sample as many of the specialties you can, there is so much more than just Sauerkraut…. Cabbage rolls, meat platters, cabbage filled roulades, and not to forget the original Echterdinger Deie, a thin dough topped with cream and herbs, and the original Echterdinger cabbage cake, both baked fresh in an historic oven by the local farmers women.

If you are looking for a great place to observe and be part of the celebration at, I can recommend you the Schwabengarten. The Schwabengarten is not only celebrating the cabbage but the end of the summer and beer garden season for the year. Located in Stuttgart Leinfelden the Schwabengarten has joined the festivities as a host this year and is offering, besides all the tasty Filderkraut specialties, life music and a cozy atmosphere.

Parking spots are available around the fest areas, but are limited. Your best bet, to get there is the public transport. You can get to the festival via the S-Bahn lines S2 and S3, the city tram U5 or the bus lines 28/35 and 86/826.

There will be shuttle busses available that bring guests to both fest areas for free, and there is, yes… you won’t believe it, a Krautfest App for your smartphone! The app not only provides you with pictures and information about the fest, it also gives you the locations to the free shuttles. The app is free and can be downloaded here

So, come on, join our celebration… and have some cabbage!!