The worldwide second largest beer fest is, right after the Oktoberfest, the Stuttgart or better the Cannstatter Volksfest. As every year, starting on Sept 22nd, 2017 until Oct 8th, 2017; it’s time to head to the "Wasen”.

The best way to get to the Volksfest is by the subway, taking the U11 line starting at the main train station. Trains will be running evert 10 minutes. It will be much more difficult to get there by car – there aren’t a lot of parking spots around the Volksfest area and illegally parked cars will be towed. And of course don’t forget – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!

The police will be conducting daily checks during the Volksfest time – especially during the evening. 1 large glass of beer will be too much to pass the checks. As a reminder the legal limit in Germany is 0.5 per mil, and if you get pulled over for driving too fast or because of driving errors, the limit drops down to 0,3 per mil. Remember we all still need our driver’s licenses.

The Volksfest does offer a huge gastronomic selection with about 35000 seats, thanks to its seven beer tents, its historic wine tent, a wine and event tent, the Alp hut village as well as many beer gardens, snack bars and candy stands. Family day is every Wednesday – rides and many of the food places offer discounts for the little ones.

This year marks the 172nd anniversary of this traditional Fest. The exiting collection of amusement rides ranges from Ferris wheels to roller scooters and from Merry-go-round to bumper cars and is sure to brighten everyone’s day up. There will be attractions for every age group, for kids and of course adult ones and those will require some guts. The Hangover for example… a free fall tower that drops you from a heights of 85m at a speed of 100 km/h. you should avoid the looping’s and rides that spin you extremely fast or upside down if you had a couple of beers already.

Another word about the beer tents – it is usually not a problem to get into the beer tents Mondays- Thursday. Over the weekends and the 3rd of October (a German Holiday) it will be quite crowded. You probably won’t be able to find a spot in a tent without reservation, but sometimes a nice Dirndl or cheeky Leather shorts can be of help.

About 30% of all 4 million visitors that are expected will be dressed in traditional German garb- Tracht in German. So if you are looking for some pretty threats, start looking early. A well made Tracht will last you for a long time.

Have fun at the Volksfest!