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Firework madness!

Germany may not be known for huge firework celebrations, like the 4th of July parties back in America, but to some folk’s surprise, Germany has some of the best pyro technicians in the world. And what better place to show off their skill sets, then an international three day competition! And you can win tickets! Our friends of the festival were so kind to donate us free tickets! So we are going to run a giveaway for 3x2 tickets. You only have to like our page on Facebook and comment why you should be one of winners. You have to be 18 years old to enter the game.

Firework fans in Baden Wuerttemberg know that the third weekend in August is a special one. The tradition was founded 14 years ago, when for the very first time firework enthusiasts and professionals met up for a competition; the festival of the flaming stars was born. Since then the annual competition has grown to include the best pyro technicians from all over the world to meet up in Ostfildern, in the southern corner of Stuttgart, and show of their trade. From that time on, the imposing sky show has turned itself into a reoccurrence in all local event calendars and has become well known even outside of the area. In fact, the three day long open air festival has transformed itself in to one of the most renowned fireworks competition in Europe and within the international pyro technician scene.

This year the fiery pyro tech teams are coming from Mexico, Australia and, of course, Germany to enchant the audience and judges with their fiery magic.  Begin is on August 18th and until the 20th the world’s best pyro artists will present their skills. Three days, three firework shows and one winner, the battle should be an exciting one. Be prepared to enjoy a sparkly show of the highest standards.

The fireworks are not the only highlight of the weekend; the festival area is buzzing with entertainment starting in the early evening hours. Several stages will be engaging festival visitors with different live music like Party Souldiers, John Noville & Band, nightLIVEband and so on; additionally, there will be hot air balloon rides and in the evening the balloon lighting. Furthermore, be sure to check out the laser shows, fire artists, drummers, the huge children’s program, the arts and craft “flaming star” market and much, much more happening at Scharnhauser Park in Ostfildern.  Last but not least, do check out the white gazebo tents. They are not only there to entice that summer feeling, but to take care of any culinary needs for our valued guests!

The festival area is easily accessible by public transport, and the festival ticket also doubles as a public bus and train ticket. The subway and buses are set to run much more frequently to assure people get to the festival. There are also paid parking spots and disability parking spots available at the festival area.

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