The legal expenses insurance of the Württembergische. The helper in almost every situation.

 An answer to every legal question.

Our legal expenses insurance.

That is why legal expenses insurance is important. Whether employee, house owner, vehicle owner or tenant - nobody can be sure not to get involved in a lawsuit. And that can be expensive.

 Cost protection and legal support in all situations in life.

With a legal expense’s insurance policy, you enforce or defend your right without having to think about costs first. Because the legal protection insurance covers the costs of the legal dispute. In addition, we support you in all legal issues with our numerous services on the legal protection service phone. The right protection for everyone. You can customize your legal protection to your individual needs. For your security, we have put together a powerful package, the private, professional and traffic protection for non-self-employed persons.

 This can happen.

You are on the road with your car. You just think about nothing bad and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of an accident. Your car has a total loss - and the accident opponent claims, that he is not to blame. A lawyer will help you enforce your claims for damages.

 Advantages of a legal expense’s insurance.

✓ Coverage of the costs arising from a legal dispute.

✓ Unbureaucratic assistance worldwide and 24/7

on the legal protection service phone.

✓ Telephone legal advice by a lawyer -

even in uninsured areas.

✓ Fast out-of-court conflict resolution by a


✓ Assistance before litigation takes place - with the new pension benefits.

✓ New life situation. 12 months of protection. Our Passt-sich-an (adapt) principle.

 ssential benefits of legal expenses insurance.

This is what you should know. Our legal expenses insurance.

Legal protection service telephone.

You can get help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our service phone. Our employees with a law degree will clarify if and how much the costs will be covered and help you find a lawyer. In urgent cases you will be directly contacted by us with a service lawyer.

 Telephone legal advice by a lawyer.

It does not always have to be the litigation in court.

Sometimes you just want an assessment of the legal situation - including good tips for the further procedure. In these cases, our telephone legal advice will help.

Without insurance case and also in uninsured areas.

 Extrajudicial conflict resolution. A legal dispute, which is negotiated in court, may take years to complete. During this time, you only have trouble, the situation itself remains unsolved. You have the possibility to settle disputes quickly by a mediator.